Oooh, New SG:U Season 2 Trailer

It is hot off the video editing software. Enjoy.

The new season is less than a week away — And I can’t wait for you to see it. Because it is coooool.

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  1. So, I ask again: what is Dr. Rush’s specialty? Math? Computer Science? Math and Computer Science? Some sort of Theoretical Physics.

    I mean prior to him becoming an expert in “Ancient Technology”. He had to have a foundation in traditional science or math.

    It really is a serious question for me.

  2. A friend of mine got an acting gig in it this year. Which will be a little strange, but that’s just one of the perks of living near Vancouver. You get to see your hometown and/or acquaintances on TV a lot.

  3. I just started watching SGU’s first season this week… I’ve already gone through 11 episodes. I think it is a fantastic show, particularly the first 2-3 episodes.

    I tried watching SG-1, enjoyed it to an extent. Granted I only got about half way through the first season, but it feels a little dated. SGU is much more my speed.

  4. I really should queue up the first season on Netflix and watch it. Missed the first few episodes last year and then felt unable to jump on board.

  5. I enjoy the show but I have to say that I’m a little tired of watching the cast hit each other. That it’s in this trailer several times doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy.

    Either show me respect as a viewer to trust me to pick up on conflict without resorting to such gross measures or show me the real results you get when people think they may be the victim of physical violence from a stronger oppressor at any moment. The flavor of the conflict between the two factions on Destiny hasn’t resembled that kind of dynamic so far.

  6. Whoa! Really hope that scene of Destiny going supernova was a dream sequence or another ship that looks like the Destiny.

    Can’t wait!

  7. I note that most of the trailer is ‘establishing’ clips from the first season. I watched the entire first season, and, well . . . I appreciated some aspects of what the show was trying to do. But the outbreak of Epic Stupid in the last few episodes left me not caring whether any of the cast survived the season-ending cliffhanger.

    I know SGU has fans, and they mostly seem to be people who weren’t fans of the earlier shows in the franchise; almost as if the producers have managed to hit ‘Invert Selection” on the fanbase, which I doubt was their intention.

    I spent the first season telling fellow Stargate fans to give the new show a fair try. But at this point, I’m not sure that even the Awesomeness of Scalzi is enough to get me to watch the show again.

  8. I’m looking forward to the new season, but I’m hoping I’ve seen the last of the “I’ve got a secret, please don’t tell anybody even though we’re on a spaceship a billion lightyears from home, please please please!” dialogue.

  9. @11 – The intention was to appeal to a younger audience. The addition of the messy interpersonal conflicts must appeal to the youngsters I guess.

    I absolutely loved SG1 and Atlantis. SGU was a big change and has taken some time to grow on me, but I am appreciating what it is and what it has the potential to become over time.

    A lot of series these days seem to be trying to play the long game. The first half or more of season one is all about setting up stuff that usually does not pay off until season or even 3. I have high hopes for this season.

  10. I’ve been watching a new show called Rubicon that seems to get the characters right. They’re not all good guys, not by any stretch, but they don’t rub me the wrong way like most of the SG:U characters do.

    Eli, however, is a fantastic character, among my favorites of all of the Stargate series. I wish we could go back in time and put him in Stargate SG-1. *shrug*

  11. @ Tumbleweed

    I think that part of what I like about SGU is the load of unlikeable characters. Honestly, I could do without Eli completely. I like him there. He provides nice comic relief and has potential for tremendous growth as a character, but if he was killed off I wouldn’t be upset. I love assholes in fiction. It’s such a delightful fantasy to have people living out their aggressions in ways I would never dare in real life. And, good God, do I dare in real life.

  12. I initially thought last season was trying for a BSG feel without the truly strong gender/race-neutral characters; meaning any character could be capable of anything regardless of gender/race and that the showing of skin was equal opportunity on a regular basis. Once I realized that the show might be trying for the same demographic but was very white male centric, I became disappointed.

    Showing female military personnel with cleavage and in their undies and/or makeup (where are we getting said makeup btw) while male counterparts are fully buttoned up was very noticeably skewed. Some might think these are little things but if I notice them then I’ve been pulled out of the narrative.

    I don’t mind interpersonal messiness because life is messy but when most/possibly all of the female characters could be killed and not affect the show that much (i.e. I wouldn’t care/have no investment), that to me means they are only secondary characters with no real importance to the overall story arc. Of course, I felt the same way about the new Star Trek movie. If they were going to change the Trekkie universe that way, it might have been nice to have some gender changes on a few of the crew. (Go Boomer and Starbuck!)

    That and I’d really like to see more external threats. The interpersonal stuff is a lot more interesting with more external pressures that have some interesting twists. (It looks like they might have more of that planned.) Part of what made the initial seasons of BSG so interesting to watch was the push and pull; seeing how the characters reacted then justified those reactions to themselves and the outside world. That’s the type of interpersonal stuff that I so truly enjoyed.

    BSG wasn’t perfect by any means but SGU meandered for too long in the first season. In comparison, STNG and B5 were pretty bad when you think about those first seasons and yet I kept watching. Have my standards changed so much or do I simply have too many other offerings waiting to capture my interest?

    So as a female view who loves sci/fi, I’ll watch a few more episodes to see where the producers take the show but well, I’m not holding my breath that the white male centric viewpoint/feel will change much. I suppose if I hadn’t set my expectations that this show would have more of that BSG feel to it, I wouldn’t be so disappointed. Viewer expectations can be a bitch. I guess I can only blame myself for that one.

    Your nickle may vary.

  13. ARGHHHH! Why, oh why has Sy-Fy moved both Stargate Universe AND Caprica to Tuesday night? I have like 12 things my DVR needs to record between 7-10pm on Tuesday now, and it only does two at a time (the wife has other priorities). What the heck was wrong with Friday night? Putting up even your best Sy-Fy shows against major network TV is a guaranteed loser with the overall audience. Do the suits at Sy-Fy want to kill Stargate?