Clash of the Geeks Updatery, 9/24/10

Some news for you about Clash of the Geeks:

1. First, so far we’ve raised roughly $12,500 for the Michigan/Indiana affliate of the Lupus Alliance of America. That is an awesome figure. You are awesome people. Thank you. But let’s not rest on our laurels, people — there’s still time to donate and make a difference. There’s also still time to tell folks about the chapbook and to encourage them to download, read and pitch in. Every little bit helps.

2. Hey, you know that Wil Wheaton guy? Yeah, the one on the unicorn pegasus kitten. That one. Well, if you go here and download the podcast that’s available there, you will be able to hear him perform an audio version of his story in Clash of the Geeks. And it is awesome. Because that Wil Wheaton guy? Rumor is, he can act. The story kicks in at around the nine minute mark, but if you skip ahead, you’re going to miss out on some excellent Wheaton-y goodness, and you don’t want that.

3. I don’t want to go into any details now, but I will say this: Hey, collectors, completists, fans and just plain general obsessives! We’ll have some exciting Clash of the Geeks news for you in the upcoming couple of weeks. And that news will be — anyone? Anyone? Yes: it will be awesome. So stay tuned for that.

Those are the updates for today.

16 Comments on “Clash of the Geeks Updatery, 9/24/10”

  1. “And that news will be — anyone? Anyone?”

    Made for Syfy movie starring Triple H as the Scalzorc and Jerry O’Connell as Wil Wheaton?

  2. Hmmm… I’d go Vin Diesel as the Scalzorc and Ryan Reynolds as Wheaton. And make it a big blockbuster picture, no, three, filmed back to back Lord of the Rings style.

  3. Are you counting donations to her page as well as the paypal stuff? ’cause when I donated it was to Gretchen’s page vs Paypal and that page alone has seen ~10k in donations…

    Jeff H. – that’s a demented idea. Kudos.

  4. Bedtime story is pure gold. 3 pages of 64 make the $5 worth every penny. The other stuff is good too but compared to that one (a fan winner), the rest is just “okay”. :)

    Sorry John and Wil, Good stories but not the best in the book :)

  5. I am generally a Wil Wheaton skeptic (not sure what his deal is).

    That said, I hope this sells (raises?) infinity-billion-kajillion copies (dollars?).

  6. I saw Jeff’s recommendation for Triple H to play the Scalzorc and the first thought I had was, “you want Hubert H. Humphrey to play an orc?”

    Dear God, when did I get old?

    I much recommend Wil’s podcast. I heard it last night shortly after it went live and it adds a whole other dimension to his story. (Plus it gives helpful Orcish pronunciation tips.)

  7. Scalzi@2: I want a Creative Consultant credit.

    KW@3: Never work. This project would surely succumb to the Nerd Movie $10 Million Opening Weekend Law.

    Rick@4: That’s not demented. The Masterpiece Theater version — with Wallace Shawn as the Scalzorc and Patrick Stewart as Wil Wheaton, and for subtext Shawn plays a Hasid and Stewart wears jodhpurs — that’s a demented idea. (But thanks!)

  8. My guess is that it is a printed chapbook. I just hope there are 1000 of them for $25 each, instead of only 26, lettered/leatherbound/gold-trimmed/printed in four color/traycased/signed by all contributors (with a sample of each’s DNA) for $350 each. Or something like that. My wife just doesn’t believe me anymore when I tell her I can’t live without books like this.

  9. I vote for Mike @ 12 nailing the upcoming awesome news. I only read my stories in dead tree books or chapbooks as the case may be. When I retire in eight years I might move on to reading stories electronically on a nook, kendal, or whatever they call them then. But not now. No time to even think of doing the research to purchase then learn how to use effectively an e-book reader.

  10. Thanks for the reminder and for the great book. I’ve got it on my iphone now to keep me entertained on the plane tomorrow (with suitable donation done too).

  11. Or, a whole lot more than 1000 at $25 each, because I need three just for stocking stuffers, and I can’t be the only one.

  12. OK, finally did my donation. Gotta say I have never like PayPal and never will — but for the uber-geeks who sponsored this, well I can suck it up.

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