The Scalzi Family Mutual Portraiture Club

Athena, by me:

Me, by Athena:

Yup, that’s us.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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I think the 90% Transparent Floating Scalzi Head (of Doom) needs an upgrade to the second photo.

(Yes, that’s what you see in the background of Scalzi comments. Because it is watching you. And it does not approve.)

Shot of her: very interesting crop. Eternal jealousy for making flyaway hair not look bad, it always looks awful on me but it even adds a little to this shot.

Shot of him: that facial expression makes the shot and there’s no way I can see to give it a by-the-book composition without making you pose boring-style and otherwise draining the art out of the shot. Kudos for filling the frame, though I might have shot it in portrait orientation, and for getting a good angle relative to the subject despite being shorter than you.

People smile in photographs all the time. In these particular ones, the subjects aren’t smiling because a) one of them is a candid and the subject was not aware a picture would be taken that moment, b) the subject was posing and a smile would have detracted from the generally silly pose. I’ll let you figure which picture is which.

How simple and easy Athena’s expression is. How hard we work, as adults, to project something specific with our faces. Open face vs. masked face. The artifice of the edifice, maybe? Nice arch on the eyebrow, tho’, John.

Your daughter has a good eye. The picture she took is better composed than a lot of pics taken by adults.

I think it’s cool to see how you encourage her creativity. When I have kids, I’ll try to follow your example.

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