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Stargate: Universe Season 2 Debuts Tonight

Just a reminder to each of you that Stargate: Universe (aka That Show What Gives Me Money) is back for a new season of intergalactic wanderings, alien visitations, and other such drama, and on a new night: namely, tonight, moved from Friday night last season. That is, here in the United States; in Canada, it’s […]

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The Big Idea: Sam Sykes

Is the perfect protagonist perfect? Because we all love heroes: Chiseled of chin and muscle, right in act and deed, easy to admire, always there when the chips are down and the forces of good have their backs against the wall. But in writing his debut fantasy novel Tome of the Undergates, author Sam Sykes […]

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Interview of Me in Lightspeed Magazine

Lightspeed is a relatively new science fiction magazine edited by John Joseph Adams, and its fourth issue is out. Alongside fiction by Yoon Ha Lee and Geoff Landis and an appreciation of Robert Silverberg, you’ll also find an interview with me, in which I talk about the upcoming novel Fuzzy Nation, my gig as the […]

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