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News on Agent to the Stars, Android’s Dream and The God Engines

A quick housekeeping post here to tell you news about books and stuff: 1. If you follow the Twitter feed, you may have noticed me retweeting a Tweet from Wil Wheaton, in which he announced that he was currently busy performing the audio book version of Agent to the Stars. What he didn’t reveal, but […]

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25 Copies of Cherie Priest’s DREADNOUGHT to Give Away — Hurry!

UPDATE 10:05am — Giveaway is over! Thanks, everyone! Yes, the title of the entry says it all. Or does it? Actually it doesn’t, because Subterranean Press’ Bill Schafer is here to tell you more — namely, how to get one of those fabulous new Cherie Priest novels, and how to pick up a brand new […]

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Yes, It Was a Very Good Year

Over at Filmcritic.com, I go into detail about the five years that changed science fiction film forever — 1977 (being the one with Close Encounters, pictured above, plus some other science fiction film almost no one’s heard of) being arguably the most important of those. See what other four years made the list, and as […]

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