Ghlaghghee Kicks it Old School

Just playing with some filters on my Droid X camera. This one is called “Back to 1839.” Ghlaghghee is not especially moved.

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  1. Ghlaghghee’s just staying in period. Portraits back in that time took many minutes to expose, and it was hard to hold a smile for that long.

    Plus we all know how she feels about you anyway.

  2. Well… In 1895 chances are you would have been using a plate camera of some kind, half plate would have been pretty common. Figure in a 13 or 14 inch lens wide open at f4 or so that would give you a depth of field of 2 inches or less. You would have only a thin slice of the photo in focus rather than the deep depth of field you have.

    Stopping down the lens could give you the kind of depth of field here but there is no way you could keep a cat still for the time you would need to take such a shot. Even at f4 it would be difficult without some strong lighting.

    Also if this were a daguerreotype the detail in the high focus area would be much sharper since daguerreotypes are essentially grainless.

    Nice sepia tone though.

  3. kmccmack@3 there is no way you could keep a cat still for the time you would need to take such a shot

    I’ve known some cats that could sit and stare at you with the “what do you think you’re doing” look for hours. Of course, if they realize that you want them to sit there, they move. Go figure.

  4. A.J.@7

    Ghlaghghee seems adequately nourished. My personal experience is that a well fed cat, in a warm and soft resting spot can remain motionless for several hours..

  5. O Great Scalzi, what a great picture of Her Most Glorious Shimmering Radiant Perfection.

    Did we not order you to cease and desist using image manipulation of any kind? And to stop engaging in your usual nitwittery?

    No? Well, consider yourself so ordered by the Executive Committee.

    Regardless, this picture had the potential to earn you the coveted The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club Seal of Approval Award. If only you hadn’t succumbed to foolish temptation.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

    PS – For a change, you actually interpreted Her Expression correctly. Don’t get all full of yourself, though – you can hardly go wrong with that interpretation.

  6. Dude, you spelled her name wrong in the title of the post.

    I’m surprised Chang/Not Chang didn’t wield some sort of Mallet on you for that.

  7. I can outstare my orange-and-white tabby Sam in about 5 to 10 minutes. But he is a tad hyperactive.

  8. Will wonders never cease.

    Usually, the uncultured, unsophisticated and insensitive low-brows of the Whatever – like Blacklisted Scalzi – never fail to disappoint.

    But Jill@9 is hereby acknowledged as a superior grade of Whatever low-brow for catching this horrendously disrespectful error. Possibly even promoted to somewhat sensitive Whatever low-brow.

    The Executive Committee has no excuse. Perhaps we actually noticed it but suppressed it as too horrible to be true.

    wtf, Scalzi.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  9. I had a cat that once tried to outstare the boa constrictor.

    I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the snake was asleep.

  10. What, you think you’re some sort of Jedi, waving your hand about like that? I’m an Australian; Mind Tricks don’t work on me – only LOLcats.

  11. Congrats on enlisting Tycho for SG:U.

    Sadly, it doesn’t cover the fact that the first season’s stories were a POS, and that someone should fire Wright and Cooper. They look more and more like Berman and Braga with every passing day.

    Pass Tycho some episodes of the old SG1. Everything is better with RDA in it.

  12. I think her expression reflects her overall dissatisfaction with the apparent fall from grace that her species has experienced since it was treated as godly in the time of the Egyptians. Of course, we puling humans had not got our acts together enough to develop photography at that stage of our development (so manifestly inferior to that of the felines), so we have no graphic record of that pinnacle of Ghlaghghee’s forebears’ advancement.

    Of course, I am careful to emphasize that this is only an apparent fall, not an actual fall; for those who know the truth, it is clear that the apparent fall is in fact offset by a real increase in the subtlety in the manner with which Ghlaghghee and her kin manipulate their servants.

  13. Chang@8

    I point out to you that even though he had to manipulate the picture, he used a very tasteful black and white filter as opposed to “OMG teh colorz!” that the Droid X also offers as a filter.

    The Executive Committee might consider the small mercies. (Or heck, Scalzi might just consider the solarize filter simply for the cries of outrage…)


  14. You do me great honor, chang who is not chang@12. *humble obeisance* May my worthless eyes forever be searching for slights to the Glorious She.

    Dave H@15: HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that, man. Make me chuckle.