A Minor Programming Note

For the next  week, more or less, posting here may be slightly more erratic than usual, on account of I will be teaching at the Viable Paradise workshop, which means I’ll be busy during the days reducing aspiring writers to quivering jellies of neurosis imparting gentle wisdom on the art and craft of writing. So expect entries later in the evening, with lots of pictures and/or short posts. Yes, I know this means I’m likely to write some 8,000 word screed on ponies or something. Hush, now.

9 Comments on “A Minor Programming Note”

  1. Those poor writers. So willing to march into the buzzsaw of your withering critiques. Good thing they’re close to the ocean, so to go walking out on the waters surrounded by the glowing jellies and commune with their brethren.

  2. reducing aspiring writers to quivering jellies of neurosis

    Um. Is it too late to reconsider??

    Kidding. I have non-refundable plane tickets, after all.

  3. Ponies. I like ponies. As long as they aren’t made out of plastic. So yeah, a few 1000 words on ponies would be GREAT!

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