Travel Day

At the airport now, waiting for the first of the flights that will eventually get me to Martha’s Vineyard and this year’s edition of Viable Paradise. If my travels fascinate you, check in with the Twitter feed; otherwise I’ll likely catch up with you later this evening or tomorrow. In the meantime, you can use the comment thread here as an open thread; please, chat amongst yourselves.

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  1. We were in Martha’s Vineyard last week! A good time was had by all. Oh how I wish I could be there for Viable Paradise. I’m going to go make a woecake now. :-(

    (PS, Have fun!)

  2. Have a good (series of) flight(s). And remember: the quota for no-questions-asked student dismemberment now stands at one per instructor for the week, ever since the unfortunate Bacardi-and-dried-macaroni incident at VPXIII.

  3. Hey everyone. I’m new around here and have been reading John’s books for the last month or so. I was very impressed and amused by his style/personality and was motivated to do a little digging. I bought “Your Hate Mail Will Be Graded” and loved it so I thought I’d check out the scenery here at Whatever. Looks interesting…. and cynical….. and funny as hell. I think I’ll hang out for a bit.


  4. Martha’s Vineyard was named after an explorer’s daughter (Elizabeth Island too, about Nantucket?) and a former New York State archaeologist, William S. Ritchie, wrote the archaeology of it. What I find interesting is that projectile points from there are also found on Long Island, i.e. like Squibnocket points from a very long time ago. What kind of boats did they have? Often the Port Jefferson, NY-Bridgeport, CT ferry was a former Martha’s Vineyard boat. The co-founder of the ACLU’s family has a place out there, the Baldwins. A grand-daughter once showed me a photo album he kept as a undergrad visiting the American Southwest, and she thought that it affected him so that all Americans should have civil rights. Have fun on the Vineyard! Not to many places in the US named Gayhead.

  5. The NFL* just changed the public forum debate topic to Resolved: High school Pub­lic Forum Debate res­o­lu­tions should not con­front sen­si­tive reli­gious issues. because it was too controversial to talk about the Cultural Center near Ground Zero.

    *National Forensics League.

  6. Wow, that bacon picture is special. Imagine the awkwardness if Lady Gaga showed up. . . wearing the same outfit.

    Hi, by the way. I’m Louise Curtis and I write twitter tales @Louise_Curtis_ (this month’s is a steampunk tale, culminating in Steampunk Earth Day on October 30).

    I live in Canberra, Australia’s tiny capital city, and right now Spring is making me deliriously happy.


  7. Only because it’s an open thread: I wanted to say what a pleasant surprise Stargate: Universe has been. The other Stargate series are played largely for laughs. It’s refreshing, to put it mildly, to turn to something so dark, with complex, conflicted, inept, and often downright unlikeable characters. (And the background music is wonderful, too; I love that Alexi Murdoch song.) So, please keep it up.

    I don’t know what you think of Caprica; but these two series keep me from despairing of television SF.

  8. I just realized that the Viable Paradise is really just a cover for John to leave town during the Pumpkin Show! John, how can you leave the carnival rides, the giant pumpkin contest, the School Parade on Friday, and of course the confetti?? Please check us out, the Bradford Pumpkin Show really is kinda fun: :)

  9. I was in Martha’s Vineyard the second full week of September, and if I ever win the lottery, I call dibs on James Cagney’s old farm (as of last month it was up for sale).
    The Vineyard is really peaceful if you don’t go during the main tourist rush…

  10. Hey fellow Scalzites,

    Now that John has given us free reign to plug stuff, I’d like to throw a shout out for my indie publisher friends at Hadley Rille Books. They are celebrating their 5th year by giving away a G3 Kindle and offering discounts on all their titles. Check it out and register for a free Kindle at


  11. @Me #4

    I’ve taken the picture of Jesus off my blog. I decided to stick to writing about math and teaching. I’ll leave the humor to others.

  12. @Marko: Hmmm things have gotten a LOT more interesting since VP VII. We were such a tame bunch. (Since this is an open thread, SHOUT OUT to Brad Beaulieu of VP VII who signed a 3-book deal for his debut. GO BRAD. I told you I’d see you in the stacks. Umm, I’ll be there later…eventually…just takin’ my time….).

  13. Justin Berrell – if you want to write a 300-page book in size 11 Courier New, you’ll need about 159,000 words.

    And a lot of bacon.


  14. Justin: It also depends on margins, line spacing, paragraph indent settings, and so forth. It’s not just the font and font size that matters. (Ah, memories of college papers, where tweaking those margins and line spacing settings in .02 inch increments could mean the difference between making that 5-page minimum page count or not!)

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