Work Work Work

Teaching writing today. We’re up to vowels!

What are you up to?

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  1. Teaching philosophy today. We’re up to objections.

  2. A glass of what is probably the best rum to be found on the planet mixed with the sweet elixir that is Coca-Cola (real sugar, not Kayro). It’s nine in the evening here on the wrong side of the world (both hemispheres are abnormal relative to my usual location).

  3. (Trying hard to not make jokes about vowel obstructions. But then I suppose trying hard is a symptom of that, isn’t it?)

    I don’t know about the rest of the gang, but I’m anxiously waiting for Behemoth to drop tomorrow. You know, that seems like it should rate a special midnight opening at bookstores across the U.S.

  4. @gilmoure: Nah, we’re just having a timeshare arrangement, especially over the Ls and Ws

    Repairing the back screen door, which finally tore completely open.

  5. I’m working as well taking calls from CRAZY people!! Seriously what is wrong with people!!

  6. It probably says something about human nature, but I don’t mind if our insect overlords invade someone else’s kitchen…I just don’t want them in mine. :)

  7. I’m reading Politics of Friendship (100 pages) by Jacques Derrida and Metamorphoses of Science Fiction by Darko Suvin.

    And I’m re-reading some Nalo Hopkinson and Tobias S. Buckell for my MA thesis, which is fun.

    Other than that, I’m stressing about my Spanish exam…

  8. Posting another “First 200 Words” excerpt online. This one from Randall Garrett’s essay, “The Bite of the Asp.” For you science fiction history buffs, it is about Hugu Gernsback butchering one of Philip José Farmer’s early stories.

  9. teaching writing, actually. :) High School, particularly the Frayer Model of vocabulary development.

  10. Ethical arguments and whether or not it is ethical for me to set college freshman against each other thunderdome style for my own amusement.

  11. Today has been filled with the social worker equivalent of making sure the cover sheets are all filled out for the TPS Reports.


  12. The kittens (a pair) are up to 6 weeks. I am up to trying to keep them from destroying the apartment and/or starving.

  13. I invented numbers today.

    But I’m not exactly sure what this “0” thing is, exactly. It’s like it’s not there, or something.

    Going to have to do more research.

  14. Bork Bork Bork.

    Second, third, fourth and fifth grade here. (Swedish grades, our kids start at seven years old, not five)
    Now thats a workout!

  15. Came up with a clever new ploy to get myself to start to write when I don’t feel like starting to write. Later today I get to test it.

  16. GWH@43: Ask the government to donate seven or eight 0s to help your research. Maybe on a bank draft, with a one at the beginning. I’ll bet they’d be glad to help.

  17. ten apples’ worth of sauce, one pot of homemade chicken soup and two small children taking turns having time-outs for the last two hours. I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords as long as they can be in charge of administering timeouts while I try to write…

  18. I’m teaching math too–step functions, what’s e all about. Finished the new Terry Pratchett, very sad. (to have finished, not the book) Is it fun for you, teaching, John Scalzi?

  19. Speechwriting for one set, process flows for fun and profit for the other. It’s not good when your students start bleeding from the eyes, right?

  20. I’m in my jammies playing video games. The weather here in Ohio sucks today, so I’m boycotting it.

  21. Alia@51: I welcome our new yogurt overlords, especially if they’ll manage things so I have more time to write.

  22. My day consisted of the proper amount of pouting and whining over the Bears horrid performance last night (actually, if you answer no amount is proper, then we’d have to say a slightly improper). Then, I spent half the day pretending to be a professional freelance writer (a task that actually has been netting me not-so-pretend money). Then I used the next half of my day to perform at my big people’s job. It was not as fun as the first half, but it does a rather splendid job of paying for my mortgage.

  23. Vwls r sfl n wrtng nd crtng cmpllng strs. Brv t y, Jn Sclz, n yr tsk!

    I, on the other hand, am spending my time putting buckets under the newly-discovered leaks in the roof.

  24. Currently reading S.M. Stirlings A Taint in the Blood (elves as vampires, and I’m not speaking of elves in a complimentary way).

    I’m also starting work on a game based in part on Taint, and in part of Kate Elliot’s Cold Magic (alternate history, alternate Earth, early Victorian steam punk, dystopian urban fantasy where a young Carthaginian woman has adventures and experiences bad events in an alternate Victorian Britain). I’m using a modified Burning Wheel for the mechanics.

    Later I’ll be attending a local sci fi meet up.

  25. DaveH @49:

    I’ve done that before, they never seem to send a check.

    Oh, wait. I was proposing to build actual real hardware, not just investigate something. You may be onto something there, I hear that research that only outputs papers and powerpoint slides is easier to get approved than actual hardware.

    (hustling over to PowerPoint to start on the slide deck: “Zero – threat or menace?” …)

  26. Is storyboarding like waterboarding? Strap a zombie squirrel to a plank and shove “Battlefield Earth” down their throats?

    I’m back up to the surface in Minecraft.

  27. That would be awesome!

    Storyboarding is where you visualize a film after the story is written. You draw it out in panels, and it helps to tell the director, director of photography, and everybody else helping with the production how the shot is going to look. It is much more fun when it involves zombie squirrels.

  28. #Louise, I hope your plan to plan a way to write pans out. In other news, that procrastinator’s club picnic has been postponed…again.

    I’ve been trying to brainstorm a way to either take over the world or destroy it. Not sure which is more useful or desirable, these days. I actually think the destruction would be easier than cleaning up the current mess. (Random thought: Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”)

    I spend the day in class in Atlanta suffer–er learning the proper care and feeding of Microsoft SharePoint Server. Which may be contributing to my desire to destroy the world.

  29. LOL!!
    We had an opossum on our back deck a few weeks back, eating our dog’s dogfood. (as an aside, I confiscated my dog’s “dog license” that night…) I tried poking the opossum with a stick. It just sat there and stared at me in a creepy “I can take you,” sort of way as it bared its teeth but refused to move. Obviously, it was a zombie opossum.

  30. White chili.

    Actually, more of a yellowish beige, with indescribable things floating around in it, and enough heat to make you think twice.

  31. Launching the three-week poetry unit for my fourteen year old high school freshman. Ah, poetry…sheer artistry with words as the medium. Gonna try to infect the teens with a love of reading poetry just for fun. Wish me luck. Used Billy Collins’s lyric poem “Introduction to Poetry” to start the campaign. Google it. You will be glad you did.

  32. Surfing the crockpot/ slow-cooker websites looking for a recipe that will utilize my limited food resources.

    I’m leaning towards the ground beef, soup, pasta side of things.

  33. Recruiting debate judges for high school forensics.

    Hey, John, you have a degree in philosophy… want to judge a debate for us?

  34. I always thought high school forensics should be training to be a CSI. I know that’s wrong, but it’s what it sounds like.

  35. We’re on avoiding comma splices today….and every other day! I work in the Writing Center, and no matter how many times I explain how to avoid them, there will always be comma splices. *sigh*

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