A Visual Representation of My Literary Workshop Critique Style

Photo credit: Gwen Hill.

Yup, that’s about right.

In other news, I am now back at home. I’m going to spend it catching up with family. See you tomorrow.

25 Comments on “A Visual Representation of My Literary Workshop Critique Style”

  1. “Power is tearing human minds apart and putting them back together in new shapes of your own choosing,” said O’Scalzi. “If you want a vision of the writing life, Winston, imagine an editorial boot stamping on an authorial face forever.”

    ::brrrr:: Hate that part.

  2. Good for you spending the time with family. You do a fine blog site here, Sir Scalzi. But at times I worry you spend too much time on your professional activities and this site. In our culture I fear we all often spend too much time on the urgent rather than the important.

  3. For future reference, you’ll want to secure those bootlaces before a session. (Duct tape is suitable.) If they dangle like that they can get caught in the supplicant’s piercings and become a trip hazard.

    See? It says so right here in the OSHA (Oppressing Students and Hopeful Authors) manual.

  4. On the up-side, at least your foot is not in your mouth, that would make a whole different picture.

  5. Hi,

    As someone who teaches karate to teenagers, that looks familiar. There is something intensely satisfying about chasing a teen (esp a mouthy one) around the room hitting them, then finishing it off with something like that…

    Parents love it! Heck, they even pay for it!!!!



    PS then again some idiot instructor usually teaches them how to hit back!

  6. I knew I was ****ed when I said I wanted to be the “other science fiction writer married to a Chrissy…” The ScalziBeast is fiercely protective of his territory, Ch and K notwithstanding.

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