New Office Chair

Just picked up: The new guest chair plus side table for the office:

The chair is deeply comfortable, I have to say. As in, when you sit in it you have roll to save against catnapping. I mean, if you want to save against catnapping. And why would you? We had the chair special ordered (here’s the generic version) so the upholstery matched the rest of the room’s decor and to make Krissy happy, since she’s already made clear that it’s her chair (Athena’s already colonized the chaise lounge).

I like it both in its look and because it’s part of my office’s further evolution from a style I choose to call Particleboard Convenient to something that better expresses my own personality. I go into my office now, and it’s my office, if you know what I mean. We have a few finishing touches to go — I have to get matching blinds, put things back on the wall and I have to drag the library out of the basement and put it into the new shelves — but even without those the office is much more homey place than it was before.

When I finally get those finishing touches in I’ll be posting a whole tour of the office. Until then: Hey, look. Chair.

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  1. *envious sigh*

    My office is not even at the “Particleboard Convenient” level of style. It’s more “Particleboard hand-me-downs that don’t fit properly but they’re what we had when we moved in. Also, lots of other people’s junk.”

  2. Be honest. The Jedi mind tricks weren’t cutting it, so you’re switching to hypnotic furniture. Good luck with that. (Maybe you should bump SFWA’s R&D budget up a little bit so they can finish up that mind control ray.)

    Naomi@1: “Also, lots of other people’s junk.”

    We call that “Early American Dumpster.” Trash day was often shopping day for us.

  3. I know the exact feeling you’re talking about. I got it when I was able to afford to live in my own place for the first time and went out and bought exactly the couch I wanted.

    For writing space I’m still making do with Particleboard Convenient at this point, but once I get a place that I own, a place with enough space I can have an office just for myself instead of being setup in the main area of an apartment, I’m going to work at convincing my dad to help me build a desk. And by help I mean he builds it and I fetch stuff for him. It’s nice having family that loves woodworking. :)

  4. The Owners (cats) thank you for your thoughtfulness at installing an additional place to nap.

  5. Mmm, looks like a nice late-night reading nook to me. The light from that lamp really makes it cozy.

  6. Here’s a bit of a picky-picky comment. It’s not “chaise lounge,” it’s “chaise longue” (French, “long chair.” If your daughter’s going to sit on it, she should learn to spell it correctly.

  7. I like that you’re in touch with your feminine, design-y side. Kidding aside it’s a nice chair and the custom fabric is a big improvement. And it’s got a name, Tatiana, so you’ll know what to call it if you want it to come to you.

  8. I have to say I prefer the original color but that is a pretty sweet-looking chair. Though I’m not sure I understand the concept of a guest chair in the office. To me an office is where I go to be alone! (Not that I have one yet…)

  9. Yes, the chair is nice and all … but that lamp is gorgeous.

    I love lamp; it’s much nicer than the lamp I have in my office, which suddenly needs to be replaced.

  10. There’s a lot to be said about feeling “homey”. the right piece of furniture can bring about this feeling.

    Since I rarely buy new furniture, sometimes I’ll just simply rearrange everything.
    then it is like new again!


    Very nice chair! I expect to see pictures of your kitties in it!

  11. Lowe’s has a lot of really cool lamp designs. But take care around it. Every Lowe’s lamp I’ve bought developed that annoying blinky loose bulb thing sooner than later.

    (And Bill@12, there’s no misspelling. My dictionary lists “chaise lounge” as a variant spelling, extremely common in America for more than a hundred years.)

  12. I’ll take your word for the comfort-factor, but comfort is not the first word I think of when I look at it. (That would be “SoooooCoooooool!!!11)

    We await with anticipatory fever the outside and inside renovation pics.

    And I do hope that 3 months later, Athena’s ear problems have resolved.

  13. Pssst… Athena…

    I think that a donation to the charity of your choice may be offered should a picture of your father snoozing on said chair be published on Whatever.

  14. <<>>

    Maybe usage has made it “right” – it’s still an error in its origins. I suppose that pronouncing “nuclear” as “noo-kyoo-lar” à la Bush Jr. will become “correct” in time, too. As literate people, should we tolerate it in our own discourse?

  15. Acceptable to whom? Not to me.

    To change the subject, I like the furniture; chair, lamp and chaise longue. Very tasteful.

  16. Bill@23:

    Dude, we have soooo many more pressing problems to deal with. Let’s solve apostrophes in plurals and no one knowing what “beg the question” means, and then we’ll tackle the furniture taxonomy, mm’kay? XD

  17. I’m glad to hear the assimilation of new furniture is going so well. So many families have been torn apart by what all ultimately refer as The Great Chair Wars.

  18. From the Infallible Wikipedia(tm):

    It is sometimes erroneously written as “chaise lounge”, which has persisted so strongly in America that it is no longer considered incorrect there, and can even be found in its dictionaries[1] (an example of folk etymology).

  19. During “Paltkoma”, that rather relaxed state you get after eating it’s important to make your saves against napping if you’re at, oh say work…
    Otherwise, I agree, catnaps rule.

  20. There was a point in time when my home decor stopped being in the “university hand-me-down” style and started being more like me.

    That was one sign of growing up.

    Look forward to the cat pictures on the chair and/or the chaise.


  21. It all looks awesome! And, dude, the chaise almost perfectly matches the new couch and ottoman we just got. yours is probably a little darker. isn’t getting grown-up furniture fun?

  22. Wil made my comment already (and squee for that). The chair is very nice, but the lamp is beautiful. If I lived in the US I’d probably be off to Lowe’s.

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