My (Unsolicited) Annual Plug for

As many of you know, for the last two years (the second anniversary was yesterday) Whatever has been housed not on my own site, but on WordPress’ VIP platform. At the time of the switch it was suggested to me that WordPress would offer nearly entirely burpless service, and given that I had spent months trying to get my own site to play nice with the traffic I was getting, that seemed like a good deal.

Two years in I can say WordPress has definitely lived up to their end of the bargain; even on very high traffic days (the release of Clash of the Geeks; my review of Atlas Shrugged, my saying goodbye to my dog), the site can handle the load. I no longer fear a Boinging or a Farking or an Insta-lanche or any other sort of massive traffic redirect to the site. It works just fine. Which is great for me because now I can just worry about putting stuff into the site, rather than fiddling constantly with the back end.

So this is me saying, first, thanks to for making my life a whole lot easier over the last two years, and second, if you’re considering a site for your blogging needs and you don’t want to bother hosting yourself, give a look. It works for me really well; it might work for you, too.

5 Comments on “My (Unsolicited) Annual Plug for”

  1. I’ve been blogging for about two years myself, and only once I switched to WordPress did things really become easy.

    And while I’m here…excellent work on ‘the God Engines.’ Very dark, with a lot of neat concepts. Will there be more?

  2. John, you recommended WordPress to me shortly after you made the switch, and I have been very pleased with the platform, from top to bottom. Flexible, user-friendly, great dashboard goodies, and relatively outage and hassle-free. Thumbs up!

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