You Say You’d Like Some More Music? Well, Fine

Somewhere along the way I became a The Academy Is… fan, mostly because I like me some power-pop cake with emo sprinkles, and that’s what the band serves up. Here, have some.

That’s off the band’s Lost In Pacific Time EP, which is available on Amazon, iTunes and all the usual places.

5 Comments on “You Say You’d Like Some More Music? Well, Fine”

  1. Good live band. I saw them open up for Kiss several weeks ago in Houston. Pick up the CD.

  2. I first heard about this band through this blog, and now I’m a fan (and The Academy Is… songs keep popping up on the kids’ playlists as well). Didn’t know there was a new EP out, though. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. A while back when you promoted (informed us) of one of their albums that you had purchased i promptly purchased the same album and was VERY happy with it indeed! In fact, it is currently on Both my iPod Touch, AND my Droid!

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