On Where to Send Me E-Mail


Yesterday’s short outage notwithstanding, if you want to send me an e-mail and you want me to actually see it, the very best place to send it is to my “john@scalzi.com” address and not to any other service I might be on, including Facebook. I don’t check in to every social service I’m a part of on a regular basis; for example, I check in to Goodreads maybe once a month. If you post an e-mail to one of those social services, I might not see it for days or weeks.

Also, on the various services I’m on, the e-mail function tends to feel last minute and kludgy, and doesn’t sufficiently archive or do other things civilized e-mail should do, so I basically dislike using those services for anything than the most informal of messages. So, if you’re on Facebook or whatever and just want to send a short, quick “hello,” that’s fine, but if you have something serious to ask me, sending it to “john@scalzi.com” is the way to go.

I’ll note here again that because of the volume of e-mail I get (it’s a lot, even without the spam), I don’t always respond to every e-mail and sometimes an e-mail gets past me. If you were hoping or expecting a response from me and didn’t get one, after a week or so, just send a follow-up. It’s the smart thing to do.


7 Comments on “On Where to Send Me E-Mail”

  1. “I’ll note here again that because of the volume of e-mail I get”

    Just being curious. How many do you average per day? 50,150,800…

  2. Which box should we use to send you hate-filled diatribes with multiple mis-spelled words and gramatical errors?

  3. Or not, since one may use gmail to access one’s other e-mail accounts.

    Beyond that, it’s silly to root for e-mail clients as if they were football teams.

  4. I read that first as John at gmail.com and I was wondering which billionaire at Google was a Scalzi fan, as that had to be one of the first 10 or so Gmail addresses ever reserved. On reread, it makes much more sense.

  5. One of the irritating things about these social networks is how they insist on replacing things like email where people already have quite decent solutions.