Lopsided Cat Wishes You to Know He Finds the New Chair Marginally Acceptable

I mean, no, it’s not a bed made from the entrails of all the rodents he’s disemboweled over the years, but then, what is? Well, except for the rodent entrail bed I made for him last Christmas. But that didn’t last; items like that never do. Until I make him another, this new chair will do just fine.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

23 replies on “Lopsided Cat Wishes You to Know He Finds the New Chair Marginally Acceptable”

O Great Scalzi, how great it is to see a picture of Mighty Lopsided Cat having a no doubt well deserved rest after performing Important Labors On Her Behalf.

Notice that we never see similar pictures of you. This is because you perform just about Everything She Demands poorly. Hence no rest of yours is well deserved and certainly not worthy of being recorded for posterity.

Or it could be you have taken to heart the Executive Committee’s prior comments that pictures of you are never acceptable.

We put more weight on the former explanation, but either one works.

The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

Looks like LC has acquired exclusive feline rights to that chair, in perpetuity. Unless, of course, Ghlaghghee asserts similar rights, in which case the case could be tied up in the courts for years.

That is because the chair is light and he is dark. Get a dark chair and he will be incredibly miffed — or figure out a way to drop only his orange hairs.

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