Daisy Sits For a Formal Portrait

Sit, Daisy! Sit!

Good dog.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

40 replies on “Daisy Sits For a Formal Portrait”

Oooh, she’s going to be a smiler! I can see it in her eyes. One of these days she’ll flatten her ears and wrinkle her nose and pull her lips back and just give you the biggest smile you ever saw.

And you’ll melt. What a cutie!

A good dog. A photogenic dog, even better. You’ll love it here, Daisy.

And if Chang≠Chang tries to call you “anteater thing” or something similar, take it as a compliment. ;-)

O Lowly Minion Scalzi, how lonely you must have been all alone at the bottom of the Minion Totem Pole.

So now you have the satisfying company of a peer. (Actually Replacement Minion Daisy is – as usual – one notch above you. So you are still alone at the bottom.)

The Executive Committee has called a subcommittee into session to determine a correct name for this New-Thing. When it has been selected, we’ll let you know. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

Aww, she’s so cute! She looks a lot like my boyfriend’s dog, an adorable Lab/mystery mix. Gotta love the soft ears and, if she’s anything like the lookalike puppy, the plentiful early-morning kisses.

Ok, you need to stop with the cute dog pics. Because the next thing you know, I’ll be fencing my back yard (can’t really afford at the moment), and bringing home Vera or Jackson (yes, their real names — Vera is an awesome young pit (I think boxer)/shepherd mix, and Jackson is collie-hound and a couple of years old — from the no-kill shelter…
gawd, Daisy is such a sweetie!

The first official portrait of The New Radiant She is perfect. We, the Executive Committee of The Official Daisy Fan Club forthwith authorize you to place it in the most ornate frame possible and mount it over your mantle.

If you do not have a mantle, you are hereby ordered to get one.

And Chang, the Radiant She’s name is Daisy. Do not blaspheme it again.


The Grand Poobah of The Official Daisy Fan Club

Such a pretty girl! My little french bulldog is named Daisy! Actually her official name is something awful like Baby Tess but I changed it. lol. And actually call her DaisyLouWho. But I babble…….

Those eyes! Those expressive, happy eyes!

Congrats on the new member of the family.

I could be remembering wrong – or, more likely have never actually seen the boundaries of your vast expanse of lawn – but: is it fenced? Will Daisy have free run of the 40 or so acres that comprise the Scalzi yard?

Thank goodness it looks like she has Lab flews more so than Mastiff ones. Slobber should be pretty managable, except after drinking, when most any dog drips from the lips. And the fur situation may be slightly better as her coat doesn’t look as poofy as Kodi’s (good dog) – if you didn’t have a Furminator before, I highly, highly recommend one. I, too, have a Lab mix, named Daisy Jane the WigglePig, and spent 10 minutes ever other day of the last week on helping the fall shedding along. I’ve pulled out so much, but the tuffties just keep mocking me with the way they shove themselves out of the coat. Lab undercoat is a scary thing.

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