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What we did with our Saturday: We went and got ourselves a new dog. Her name is Daisy, she’s a two-year-old laborador-mastiff  mix, and we got her through a local rescue service. Her previous owners were no longer able to care for her, which had nothing to do with Daisy and everything to do with their own personal situation. Daisy is housetrained and responds to commands and so far seems pretty happy. The cats are extraordinarily pissed, as they of course would be, although Daisy is not at all aggressive toward them so far. We assume they will get over it soon.

And that’s what I have for you at the moment, inasmuch as we’ve had the dog for all of 90 minutes now. More updates as events warrant. In the meantime, however: Say hello to Daisy.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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Awww! What a good girl!

Our three dogs are all from the pound and they’ve all been good dogs.

(Except for The Boy, who likes to jump up on the bed, get under the covers and lay his head on my pillow, when I get up in the night. Such nerve!)

Hello Daisy!!! Hope you have a great time with your new family. Do you like bacon? How about on cats?

Greetings, Daisy. You’ll like your new home. Just squint sideways and ignore that Internet thingy.

Ghlaghghee will lead you astray (if she ever deigns to acknowledge you); eschew fame and treasure the affection you receive from those human people who physically touch you.

And if you do care about that Internet thingy: be photogenic. You may yet develop your own fan club.

Hi Daisy!

You hit the jackpot. I’m sure the Scalzis will take very good care of you, and in return you look out for them for the rest of us, ok? Especially when Athena starts to date. Your job then is to bark and any and all boys she brings home, thus alerting John to their presence so that he can keep an eye on them.

Hello Miss Daisy! Hopefully those cats will adjust and all will be well. I am sure you will be much loved in the Scalzi household. Rescue dogs are the best, as we have a rescue lab / whatever mix.

ZOMG, when I saw “Meet Daisy” on your tweet, I said, “I bet they got a dog.” And behold, it is a dog! May you all have a long and happy and healthy life together!

@K.W. Ramsay: I don’t think a lab/mastiff mix would need to bark. She’ll just stand there and loom over any of Athena’s would-be suitors. :)

What a cyooooot goggie! Yay Daisy.

I know why the cats are pissed (aside from pissèdness being the nature of the species). They asked her a question, even repeating her name twice, and she didn’t give them their answer, do.

:squats: Hi Daisy :holds out hand:
:sniffs, sits:
:rubs under jaw: Good dog.
:scratches behind ears: You’re going to love it here.
:slobbers on hand:
:withdraws hand: Better than a French kiss, anyway!
:wanders away:

More seriously, she looks like a fine dog and I hope you all get along well.

Hi, Daisy! (scratch behind the ears *) Good girl! Prepare to become one of the most famous dogs on the Internet. :-)

She can never replace Kodi, I know…but I think she has what it takes to become a worthy successor, much as Penny has been for Star (on my part) and Demon (on Sabrina’s part).

* – “Anything above the evolutionary level of a field mouse likes having its ears scratched.” – Larry Niven, Ringworld

“The cats are extraordinarily pissed, as they of course would be, although Daisy is not at all aggressive toward them so far. We assume they will get over it soon.”


Hello, Daisy! You look like a good dog. You will be loved and you will have loads of pictures put online on this blog for John Scalzi’s fans to admire. I expect to go “Aaaaw!” at your pictures a lot.

She is lovely! I think a lab/mastiff cross is a wonderful idea. I love both breeds. Congratulations to Daisy on finding a fantastic family and to you guys on finding an exceptional dog. I look forward to her further adventures both with and without the cats.

and you RESCUED her. I expect the cats to get over it since they already had a dog to live with.

Mazel tov and lots of other blessings for rescuing someone from a shelter.

Hugs. Looks like you got a good new friend.

Congratulations on your new family member! Rescue dogs ARE the best. No, all dogs are the best. Well, except for cats which are also the best. We have a house full of rescues and we love them all canine and feline alike. We’d have equine too, but no room in the city.

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