What I’ve Been Reduced To

My beloved 24-inch monstrosity of a monitor just experienced fatal explodination — I was sitting here reading something when it suddenly flickered, offered up a load pop and then went dead with only the alarming smell of ozone to mark its passing — and unfortunately the backup monitor I have is incompatible with my desktop computer because all my video cards have digital outputs.

So until I can order a new fancy-pants monitor, this is my set-up: My desktop keyboard hooked up to (and completely dominating) my little netbook. I have other laptops in the house, to be sure, but my wife uses one and my daughter uses the other, and they would be cross if I deprived them of them. And, I don’t know. I find this set-up mildly amusing. Although not so amusing that I’m going to keep it for more than a couple of days.

But spare a moment, if you would, for my departed monitor, bereft as it now is of the magic smoke which made it go. Soon it will off to that great computer recycling center in the sky. It served me well. I shall shed a tear for its glassy remains.

There is No Coke Zero in the House, But There is One of These

No, I have no idea how it snuck in. But clearly it is there to screw with my mental feng shui. Stupid Pepsi ninjas.