You Look Like You Could Use a Sunset

There you go. No charge!

24 thoughts on “You Look Like You Could Use a Sunset

  1. It is currently thundery and lightningy *KABOOM* in this corner of Southern California I am sitting in (Thousand Oaks). And a bright flash and six seconds and KABOOM so it’s about a mile and a half away. And a metric buttload of rain.

  2. Mount Doom in Indiana? I would believe that. I’ve met enough people in Kokomo who were orc-like.

    Last night around 7:30, Jupiter was directly under the Moon relative to the horizon. It looked like a picture out of 2001: a Space Odyssey. I tried to get a picture, but I was thwarted by my lack of photography skills. You can check out my feeble attempt here.

  3. It is a nice sunset but without mountains, or even hills, well, it is still Ohio and hence BORING and FLAT. At least import some hillocks or large rocks. Maybe build a roller coaster.

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