And Now Some Meta

Folks here and elsewhere have asked or speculated on the roots of my “Things I Don’t Have to Think About Today” piece on Monday. The fact is that I don’t have any particular reason for having written it when I did; unlike the “Being Poor” piece, which was written in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, there wasn’t a single event from which it springs. I’ve just been thinking of this stuff for a bit, and the idea of writing something along this line has been rolling around in my head. This weekend I had some free time, so writing it up seemed like a good way to spend a Sunday evening. I posted it early morning Monday rather than Sunday night because I figured it might get contentious comments, and for moderation purposes I didn’t want to spend the first several hours of the comment thread asleep. That’s pretty much the reason it came out when it did.

As to why I’ve been thinking about this stuff at all, well, again, there’s no particular reason, except possibly for the fact that over the last several weeks I’ve been listening to and reading friends and others dealing with various nonsense that I don’t have to deal with on a personal level. It’s made me aware of just how much pointless crap I manage to avoid due to phenotype, both in a precise sense of the word and in a looser cultural sense. Which, to be clear, I am glad for, since I’m happy to avoid as much pointless crap as I can in day-to-day living. But I’m aware I get to avoid lots of it for reasons that aren’t about me. It seemed a good topic to write on.

Along the way I’ve seen a little bit of discussion on whether I wrote the piece out of white male guilt or to get Internet cookies or because this is me marketing myself so people will buy my stuff. The latter I find a bit clueless (if you want to see me in actual marketing mode, I’ll be happy to outline everything I did for Clash of the Geeks), and as to the former, I’m not well known for feeling guilt or for needing approval. The reason I wrote it really is the simplest explanation: it was on my mind and I decided to write about it. That’s what Whatever is for.

And Just How Is the New Pup?

She’s not unwell, thanks for asking. By and large Daisy seems to be getting the hang of the Scalzi family, although there’s still work to be done on the “cats are not for eating” score. She’s very attuned to fast movements and, surprise, the cats move quickly around a new dog, so there’s been some chasing, followed by us grabbing the pup and putting her on her back. She’s a pretty smart dog and already seems to have picked up that we’re displeased when she chases a cat, so hopefully this will get resolved sooner than later. I’m sure the cats hope sooner.

Otherwise: a sweetheart of a dog.

Science Fictional Dogs

In honor of the new pup, this week at I’m talking about dogs and the essential role they play in science fiction film. What, you don’t think they’re essential? Shame on you. How can you say that about man’s best friend? You must like those things, what are they called? Oh, yes. Cats. As always, feel free to leave your comments, questions and gushing about canines over at the site.