It’s 9PM on Friday Night, Time for a Cat Video

What’s eerie about it is how, save for the accent, this cat could be me when I am frustrated by my technology.

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  1. I found this about a week ago and posted it on my Facebook. All my friends who used to work with me for HP died laughing. If you’ve ever done tech support you know exactly what the cat feels. :)

    Way too bloody funny!

  2. Is there anyone who has not engaged in that exact same rant against a recalcitrant printer?

  3. I’ve seen this before without the voiceover but that adds an entirely new dimension to the video.

    Snerk. I needed a good snerk. I’ve been trying to do the project I’m doing, with the software I have, that’s designed to be Very Easy To Use ™, so you can imagine where this might be going.

  4. My cat does this exact same thing. It doesn’t matter what room she’s in or even if she’s sound asleep, she hears the printer start and she comes running so fast you might think her tail was on fire. She’s done this for years and I never thought of filming her and posting it on YouTube. I never thought of taping bacon to her and taking a picture, either. I guess I’m just not one of you creative types.

  5. What’s eerie about it is how, save for the accent, this cat could be me when I am frustrated by my technology.

    Who knew you were such a dirty-mouth or that you were so effeminate in your way of abusing technology.

    *I kid*

  6. Lisa@11 what you got something against Transsexual cats? They have the right to live in their preferred gender same as anyone else! End discrimination against trans-cats now!!!

  7. Been there, soooo been there. I always find I need the unwritten instructions that should come between the ones they send you.

  8. Been there, done that, fell off the chair too. But I work in the electronc design business, so my fury and scorn are directed at the people who create this junk.

    As you might guess, I don’t have a lot of friends left in the business.

  9. *snerk!*

    There’s a reason I FreeCycled my Lexmark and upgraded to a HP awhile back… :-)

    Oh, and LOVED your “Things I Don’t Have To Think About Today” post. Thank you.

  10. @Scorpius:
    ” ‘…save for the accent, this cat could be me…’
    Who knew you were such a dirty-mouth..?”

    Could be worse… Scalzi and the moggie are fairly tame compared to me when I lose my temper at tech. I tend to go through Carlin’s list of words you can’t say on TV, followed by side-forays into BritSlang, BSG (“frack”, etc.), and a few foreign languages. (I need to learn more non-English curse words; so far it’s “sh!t” in French and German, plus some random stuff in Spanish — courtesy of the guy who writes the “Ask A Mexican” column in our local free weekly.) I’ve also been known to threaten recalcitrant inanimate objects with treatment that’s probably banned by the Geneva Conventions. :-}

  11. @Amy,

    I just say “God Damnit”. Or, if I want to confuse my religious friends I say “Gods Damnit” ;)

  12. Funny vid. The accent? Oh yes, terrible.

    But on the other hand, many in the UK think much the same of all those dreadful American accents. You know, lazy drawling and dull and just agony to listen to for longer than ten seconds.

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