My Personal World Fantasy Schedule

It is:

Saturday, October 30, 9 – 10am: SFWA Business Meeting

Yup, that’s it. I have no other programming other than that. Why? Because with the exception of Worldcon and Phoenix Comic Con, this is the year I decided that I was going to take a break from convention programming and just go to conventions to enjoy myself and see friends. And it’ll be my first World Fantasy Convention and I wanted to be able to get a feel for the thing.

So, when I’m not doing SFWA business I’ll be wandering about and also probably hanging around in the bar and visiting parties and so on, and I’ll also be at the awards banquet. If you see me, feel free to say hello.

11 Comments on “My Personal World Fantasy Schedule”

  1. I think you should aim higher and plan to see multiple friends. People like you; they really really like you.

  2. Also, there’s no need to wonder about the bar. I’m sure it’ll be like the others you’ve been to.

  3. I hope you have a great time, John. Due to various reasons (“excuses”), I haven’t been to a large convention since 1989 :(
    Ah, well, I have only myself to blame.

  4. I charge $2 for people to say hello to you. It’s a small mark up to cover my expenses related to providing the opportunity.

    People won’t value the hello as much if it is free.

  5. You know you’re gonna invite everyone over to the house, what with it being practically around the corner.

    Okay, you won’t. But it may cross your mind.

  6. Well, thank you for putting the Phoenix Comicon on your short list! It was great to have you there! I hope you enjoyed yourself!

    Kate Davids (former PCC Communications Manager)

  7. Or Lemongrass up in “Short North” is a fantastic Thai fusion restaurant. We’ll be at WFC too, hope to see you there.

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