Reminder: SFWA Business Meeting at World Fantasy

Allow me to put on my SFWA presidential hat here (it’s a beanie!) and speak to those active members of SFWA reading this blog who will also be attending the World Fantasy Convention in Columbus:

1. Our annual business meeting will be taking place at World Fantasy.

2. It will be on Saturday, October 30, 9 – 10 am in a room to be announced at the convention. It takes place at that time so as not to conflict with regular convention programming.

3. If you come early (8:30 – 9:00), we will feed you. Yes! Free food! That’s the best kind of food there is! Also coffee! Because, well. 8:30 am on a Saturday.

4. If you don’t come and we don’t have a quorum, then we can’t officially have a business meeting AND THE SUN WILL COLLAPSE IN ON ITSELF. So say our top scientists. Top scientists, people.

5. So please attend the business meeting.

6. And also RSVP here, so we know how much food to have on hand, and so we can send you the agenda beforehand.

7. Also let your other SFWA active member friends who will be at World Fantasy know.

Now I’m taking off my SFWA presidential hat. Because that beanie is scratchy.

17 Comments on “Reminder: SFWA Business Meeting at World Fantasy”

  1. Does your beanie have a little battery powered propeller, and did the SFWA need to save up 8 Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs cereal box tops to order it?

  2. The provenance of the Presidential Beanie is shrouded in mystery. Some say that SFWA founder Damon Knight himself handcrafted it, with the felt coming from the shaved body hair of those editors who opposed him. But those people are icky.

  3. See, I would have guessed Quisp cereal, myself. But, yes, editor hair felt would be very scratchy. (Art director hair felt, now — soft as down!)

  4. Is the meeting open to the regular con-attending public? I’ve always wanted to see sausage being made.

    BTW, If there’s any food left over, I know some hard-working registration people who will be happy to make it disappear…

  5. Bryan@1 – that’s EXACTLY what I thought when I read “beanie.” Great minds think alike.

    Wonder if John had more fun with the box it came in than the beanie itself.

  6. What’s a beanie going to do with a jetpack? Just about anything it wants. I’m thinking Kick Ass with a Gatlin gun. But you know, getting to brunch quickly is nice, too.

  7. I know a little about the provenience of the Presidential Propeller Beanie. It was last seen in public being worn by an infamous young fan (who soon turned pro) at the 1953 Worldcon in Philadelphia. I’m afraid I can’t say anymore about it. Literally afraid.

  8. Over the years I’ve run several non-profit/volunteer organizations where it’s often difficult to get a quorum at a business meeting. In all of them I managed to get the following language into the by-laws:

    A quorum consists of those members present at an appropriately called and publicized meeting.

    Then build your preferred definitions of “appropriately called” and “publicized” into another by-law and you’re set.

  9. I should add that “appropriately called” refers to who can call a meeting under what conditions (regular meeting, emergency meeting, etc.) and “publicized” refers to how much prior notice is required and what means/media of getting that notice out to members is required.

  10. Laura, I can promise you that there will be coffee. And tea. Also pastries.

    Next time maybe we should throw a late-night “meeting” since I suspect that the traditional beverages for such an event would lure more members…

  11. I am mentally hearing you say “it’s a beanie!” in the same tone of voice Zack Whedon says “I’m the youngest!” at the end of his song in the musical commentary of Doctor Horrible.