Saturday is For Not Being on the Blog

I’ve set up the temporary monitor for my desktop computer — it’s an HP monitor that came from an old Wal-Mart “all in one” computer package we got for Athena a while back, which is so old I had to buy an adapter to get it to work with my computer — and it sucks so very hard that I’m spending the day generating pay copy to justify buying a monitor that does not make me want to cry every single time I look at it.

So, off to the salt mines for me. You kids have fun. I’ll see you later.

14 Comments on “Saturday is For Not Being on the Blog”

  1. It’s a little early in my time zone. Can we just agree that I posted a long and humorous rant about the old days where we had to walk uphill five miles to set the dipswitches on our dot-matrix printers?

    I am curious about the adapter thingy, though.

  2. “I’m spending the day generating pay copy”

    Not sure how to take that statement – does it mean that you envision the profit from the work you are doing as already spent or did you take on some piecework specifically because of the monitor situation?

    If its the first, I’ve had that mindset myself: as in “Yea! After working for two hours not only do I get to take lunch, I can afford lunch” If its the latter case, than good on you, being able to summon up work as needed to cover expenses is a hard acquired (and very unappreciated) talent.

  3. I’m assuming old == CRT.

    Wow, John. Maybe you should set up a fund. Wouldn’t want one of my authors being pelted by an electron gun.

  4. Pay copy on a Saturday? Aw, that’s just not right. Surely you’d rather unwind by cleaning out the garage or digging up an old tree stump or something—never mind. Carry on.

  5. Um… They’re like under $300 for the good ones. Considering my first monitor lasted 8 years, and the only reason I chucked my second one was to get a flat screen, it’s not exactly a difficult investment.

    Of course, now, convincing my wife I need to go dual monitor after I spent $$$’s on a Droid will be a challenge.

    Perhaps when I change my day job description.

    Or start selling paying copy again.

  6. Does anybody actually mine salt? I know that salt making was an important part of the history of this part of Kentucky. They just boiled off the stream water for the salt that was absorbed in the limestone.

  7. Yes, Chris, they still do mine salt. Fortunately, for the miners, it’s a pretty safe and automated practice; at least in the relatively free market economies of the U.S., Canada, and England.

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