Turns Out Sunday is For Not Being On the Blog, Too

The excuse this time: Friends from out of town, who I don’t see near enough. So I will see them! And there will be much rejoicing.

To compensate for my absence, please to enjoy Daisy rolling about on the lawn.

I’ll be back tomorrow. See you then.

24 Comments on “Turns Out Sunday is For Not Being On the Blog, Too”

  1. There’s an idea, boss: hire Daisy out as a spokesperson for lawn care services. That way everybody wins. You get a new monitor, we get you back posting on Whatever, and Daisy gets to roll in professionally maintained lawns.

  2. Love the increase in dog pictures… (As a dog person and not a cat person, I am sometimes saddened by the fact that cats generally appear in my rss reader more often than dogs… this can be blamed on the fact that based on statistics, I probably should be a cat person – I’m a librarian and I knit!)

  3. Dude, that is an OBSCENE amount of lawn! You need a herd of sheep! Or goats! Or Llamas, somthing!

  4. Whenever you use the phrase “my lawn” in future, I will read/hear it as “Daisy Hill Doggie Spa.”

    I blame this picture for the cognitive twist.

  5. What an awesome photo! If there was a larger version avaliable I might use it as a desktop background… *nudge, wink*

  6. Just out of curiosity (seriously), do you mow your own lawn or hire someone for it (teenager, landscape service, etc)?

  7. Who’s a good dog?? DAISY is! [rubbing your belly] Woof “HI” to your humans for us, sweet girl.

  8. Dave@7: I live on the edge of town, which used to be all farms. Most of the farmers sold their land to developers, but there’s one that held out. His property is maybe 2 acres and is right behind my yard. He keeps sheep, llamas (alpacas?), and a couple of horses. If he can keep that on his little property, John should be able to keep enough livestock on his property to take over the world. Scary.

    Oh, and John, I am so freaking jealous of that lawn. And Daisy looks like a great dog, too.

  9. In addition to being a fun pic of Daisy, that’s a really good photo. Lots of primary colors with good color saturation. Nicely done, sir!

  10. This picture makes me wish I could afford my own house with a nice big lawn so I could have enough room for a puppy. Oh well, someday. Gotta get cracking and get that million dollar book written. :)

  11. You have impressively good weather for this late in the year.
    *Looks forlornely on snow, frost and dark rain*

  12. Look at your dog
    Now back to me
    Now back at your dog
    Now back to me
    Sadly, your dog is not me
    But if you get a really big yard, your dog can roll around in it, just like me
    Look down
    (Eeeeew), now back to me
    Where are you? You are in Ohio, with a dog who is rolling around like your dog could roll. Around. In. Around
    What’s this? It’s two things your dog loves the SQUIRREL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anything is possible when you are a dog and have a big yard. I’m scratching my ear.

    (Whistle Old Spice theme)

  13. When my Jack does this I start singing “Heaven,
    I’m in heaven…” He pays no attention because, hey! He’s in heaven. :)

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