Daily Archives: October 26, 2010

Why, Yes, I Have a New Short Story Coming

A few sharp-eyed folks caught the a notice over at the Subterranean Press site, announcing that SubPress had bought a story from me. Is it true? Yes, it’s true. What’s it about? I won’t tell you. You’ll have to wait until it’s out. When will it be out? As the SubPress announcement notes, “sooner than […]

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The Damage

One of coincidentally-named Bradford Pears just got its branches handed to it by the windstorm. This was the same tree previously ravaged by the remains of Hurricane Ike when it blew through a couple of years ago, so this is not an entirely surprising turn of events. Even so, a little sad (and annoying, as […]

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Why I’m Heading to the Basement Now

See, the red line you see is a bunch of potentially tornado-producing clouds. And that little crosshair directly in front of it is where I live. That image is from about five minutes ago. So down to the basement go I. Catch you all in a bit. If I’m not blown to Oz.  

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Hey, You Know What’s Really Scary?

UPDATE, 11:30am: Looks like the column has been taken down at least temporarily. I’ll let you know when/if it goes back up today. My Filmcritic.com column is up a day early this week — don’t ask me, I just file the things, they decide when to post them — and this week I’m looking at […]

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