Warning: About to Change Themes

Head’s up, folks: I’ve found a new theme I think I like, and I’m going to try installing it. I can’t promise everything won’t blow right up. Also, when I do install it, I will then proceed to fiddle. Do not be surprised if things look a bit hinky afterward. I’ll let you know when everything is done exploding.

Pray for us all.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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oh god no… i hate change… :(

just kidding. looks pretty good in Chrome right now. Your devil avatar did freak me out at first, though…
That calendar looks kinda random, though…

Like the look but, where did the SGU comment thread go? I just finished watching this week’s show and what everyone else said.
I’ll check back later. Congrates on not having any damage from those nasty stroms, they weren’t fun over in Indy.

It was all splody for a minute there, but it reloaded just fine. I’m glad I can click on the top image to get to the home page again – it was a feature I missed.

bm: Actually, it’s really just a cut and paste but there would probably be a lot of bugs to be worked out. I don’t think Scalzi needs the headache now. The comments aren’t perfect but they are few enough to keep track.

Jamie has it right. It’s hard on the eyes. bm: no the antibiotics aren’t making me geeky they’re making me sick to my stomach and the eye stuff on this new look is adding to my dizziness.

My grammar sucked in that last post but it was directed at Scalzi and really, it is either Chrome or Whatever that is causing a case of motion sickness….or it’s just the medication..

It is believed that Sopite, if there is such a thing…is caused by eye movement and ear interaction with pressure. I tend to have the theory that is completely located within the eyes and pressure. Oh, nevermind. I need to go to bed.

I liked the old style, but I could live with this…

Only issue I can see is in the sidebar (Whateverettes, Blatheration, etc.). It’d be clearer if there was a little more space between each entry…as it is, it all kind of runs together.

Ditto Susan’s comment about the sidebar items running together… and I’d like to see more of the items from the last theme’s sidebars return, like the ones flagging the SG:U Open Discussion Thread and The Big Idea. Oh, wait, I see them WAY down at the bottom of the page, below this commenting area. I think you should give them more prominent placement.

GREAT! I just spent 2 months reading all all entries for the last month (mostly because all the links and side-stories transported me into alternate realities, which took me many enjoyable hours to get out of)… well, anyway, I finally got up-to-date and now the format is changed… luckily, I’m very good at dealing with change since my brain has been scalzinized by reading all the threads…

looking forward to getting to know my fellow weirdos…

On the whole, not really a problem, but I do have a couple of criticisms. First, I dislike having the link to the comments at the top of the post. If you write a longer piece – as you often do – it means scrolling all the way back up in order to comment. The link also goes to the box for adding a comment rather than to the first comment, which again can mean a lot of scrolling.

Second, the font for the comments is really hard on the eyes to me. The kerning is odd, the letters feel jammed together, while it gives an overall impression of 40s era newsprint. Whatever this font is, I really hate it.

Also, if we get to use HTML now, then a preview option would be a good idea.

I agree that the link to the comments does make me scroll up to read the first – I don’t want to be “that guy” who restates what someone else said, so I do try to read before posting. Also, I find I’m missing your twitterage.

No avatars, pleeeeease!! Visually distracting, making me want to navigate away from the page rather than read the comments. And I agree with DemetriosX about the comments font.

‘Gotta say I like the pic of Sophie, but the rest of this change is just not good – it’s no longer warm and fuzzy, too cold and blah color-wise, and the lack of nice images from The Big Idea books and the photo from SG:U is making this looked too stripped bare. I also really don’t like the cutting of the piece (behind the jump). This is making me quite sad.

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