Saturday Morning Check In

I’ve got a few minutes before I have to go down and run the SFWA business meeting, so I thought I’d check in and say hello. The World Fantasy Convention is going swimmingly; I’m seeing tons of folks I enjoy seeing and on the “I have to be a grown up and not just hang around in the bar” side of things, the SFWA business I’ve been a part of is also coming together nicely. Basically, it’s been a really excellent balance of work and fun so far, which is what you hope for.

And now I’ve completely run out of things to say because my the majority of my brain is working on the business meeting in just over an hour. I’m going to go ahead and let all of my brain work on it now. Catch up with you folks a bit later.

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  1. doreenb8 – A wanna be writer(actually that dream just came true) I live in Delaware County with my husband John, 2 terriers and a homeless lady (John brought her home last year) Together we have 5 grown-up kids and enough grand kids to start a baseball team with another on the way
    doreen mcgettigan

    Have a great meeting and good luck or break a leg or something…

  2. crowfae – warrior, barista, bookstore associate, every kind of restaurant worker, secretary, drove a forklift in a grocery warehouse, andmy last job was as a Nurse for MGA helping to transition babies on ventilators from the NICU to home. It was my bliss. I am a breast cancer survivor. I live with serious MDD and PTSD. I am a Navy Veteran and an Army Veteran, first woman in my field for both. I belong to the VFW and have a 100% service connected disability which has exacerbated over the last 5 years to the point I live at Thunderbird senior living, need a Service Dog to maximize independence, misplace words and faces and require my own Home Health Visits. It also means walking, typing, communicating and memory and I are not quite the friends we used to be.Although completely fictional, I take the ingredients of my own experiences and those of other people and blend them into my Novel 'The Clouds in my Head." I was always told my head was in the clouds, so I guess that's how they got inside. LolMy genre is what I like to call Silver Lit, you know like Chick Lit for the Social Security set. Like Chick Lit the main focus is on personal growth and relationships between people. There is romance, laughter and tragedy and hopefully enough reasons to read to the end as Magna, my protagonist faces changes in herself and the world around her. Oh, did I mention she also has a service dog who is a perfect co-star. Starting Nano this year felt like the first time I jumped from a plane, I hadn't written creatively since 2017. When my legal pads and black pens didn't work anymore and my sentences struggled to make sense, I said I couldn't write anymore. But silencing myself was not the right answer. As a tool to combat depression, I took a deep breath and dove in. I used Word dictation and it's editing tool to write this year. Sometimes when I went back I didn't know what I had originally said and would have to piece it all together again. All the things Id joke about before I depended on for this year's novel. Detailed notes on each character, mini biographies. Timelines, though I made it easier on myself by containing my novel to Nov 1 to Nov. 15 2020 as the stories time frame. The election figures into the story.I am an official Plantster. I set up the framework and then let the characters speak for themselves. Hoping to post a link to it's Kindle version by this time next year.
    Joanne deBiasi

    May the farce be with you.Missed your wit but will wait patiently.

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