Daily Archives: November 3, 2010

Dear Barnes & Noble: Crap is Cluttering Up Your Author Searches

Received an alarmed e-mail today from a reader, who was concerned that when you type the word “Scalzi” into the search function at Barnesandnoble.com, the first several listings are for shabby-looking books that appear to be illegal compilations of my work (here’s one of them). In fact they’re not, but what they are isn’t substantially […]

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(New) New Theme Notes

As threatened, I changed the theme I’m using for Whatever (this one is called “Fusion“) and then fiddled with it to get it to my liking. It is largely there at the moment — I like what I’m seeing in any event — and so while I may fiddle just a tiny bit more with […]

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Awesome Scenes Are Not Enough

Hey, remember that awesome lightsaber duel in The Phantom Menace? And remember how you thought, “Man, this is so cool that I wish the rest of the film had been this cool too?” So do I, my friend. So do I. Which is why I write about the tragedy of the One Cool Scene in […]

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Election Thoughts, 2010

Because I busied myself with revamping the site last night, I went to sleep blissfully unaware of the election results, and then woke up, refreshed, to deal with what went down. Here are some early thoughts. * It’s not Blue America or Red America, it’s Orange America! Yes, my representative, John Boehner, America’s Tallest Oompa-Loompa, […]

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