Fuzzy Nation Release Date

I have been alerted as to the release date of Fuzzy Nation:

May 10, 2011.

Which is my birthday.


That is all.

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  1. Since I’ll never remember on the day, let me be the (fairly probably) first to wish you an early Happy Birthday.

  2. Looking forward to a new Scalzi book!
    I guess it goes without saying that you will advise us when it’s available for pre-order?

  3. Jeff Ball:

    It’s actually available for pre-order now, but personally I’d wait if I were you because I have plans for the release, and it’ll be worth waiting to hear from me about those.

  4. That’s the day before my sister’s birthday! And three days after my birthday. And two days after my niece’s birthday. Early May is pretty busy.

  5. I’m confused. Wiki describes the book as advocating a gentle “libertarianism”.

    I though John was anti-libertarianism. He did vote for the statist party.

  6. And, no that wasn’t snark, John, I’m seriously confused.

    Won’t stop me from reading the book, though.

  7. Outstanding! I think I will like to purchase this for my Kindle, and will do so the moment it is available… or, more accurately, when I get to the computer following the moment it is available.

  8. A happy coincidence! My last day of work is May 11, and I was wondering what I was going to do with myself. : )

  9. #12 – The Wikipedia article describes the original version of the book, which was by H. Beam Piper, who was TOTALLY a libertarian, and BOY does it come out in his work. Not complaining, just saying.

    If the new version turns out to advocate socialist solutions to the problems of living with the Fuzzies, I will be amused. Amused enough to buy copies for EVERY LIBERTARIAN I KNOW. Admittedly, that’s one guy, or maybe two, who’ll each be buying their own copy anyway. But still.

  10. Scorpius:

    “He did vote for the statist party.”

    Well, as noted the other day, I didn’t vote a straight ticket. I rarely do.

    Beyond that, as anyone who read OMW and assumed I was right-wing can tell you, one’s perceived leanings in fiction and one’s real world politics don’t always match up.

  11. Is this book completely done or are you still editing? If it is done, why 7 month delay in releasing it?

  12. Hot! just in time to cure my spring doldrums before the next Butcher novel comes out.
    Good timing, John.

  13. “Beyond that, as anyone who read OMW and assumed I was right-wing can tell you, one’s perceived leanings in fiction and one’s real world politics don’t always match up.”

    Did people seriously think you were right wing based on OMW? Apart from your own point above as regards fiction versus the author, I thought the continuing plot twists forced the reader to examine his sympathies several times.

    And hell, I AM right wing!

    -or perhaps it was me who misread……

  14. jeff ball:

    “Did people seriously think you were right wing based on OMW?”

    Yup. Although it may have been as much because OMW is military science fiction as the content. Many prominent milSF writers are publicly conservative.

  15. Kicking in my vote for Toronto, or dare I even hope for it somewhere in or near the Niagara Region, as part of your tour dates.

    And may you have a very Fuzzy birthday next year sir!

  16. “Many prominent milSF writers are publicly conservative.”

    As opposed to privately liberal?

    Shame people can’t seperate politics from entertainment – one of my favorite, and the best I think, TV series of recent times was the West Wing. – I didn’t agree with almost any of the characters points of view but it was so well written that I simply didn’t care.

    You miss out on so much if you only read people who agree with the opinions you already hold – and miss out on the fun arguments!

  17. I was actually disappointed to find out John was a statist. His description of the ex-Senator who got turned to paste in OMW while trying to implement diplomacy was dead-on a description (pre-pasting) of John Kerry (well, a little smarter than Kerry, who had a lower University grade score than Bush)

  18. Pre-Happy Birthday John! My Fuzzy books are original and very old. They are so old in fact that I can’t really read them, the pages are brown and cracked. These books have been read so many times you can pick it up and the cover is so worn it almost feels like thin silk. I can’t wait for you book, I can’t wait to let my children enjoy your version and come to love a story that so enraptured my thoughts and inspired my dreams with visions of sci-fi from the young age till now.
    I’m so excited, I’m blabbering. My birthday is the eleventh of May, what a beautiful gift, something to share with my family. Thank you!

  19. I’m going to buy a copy just for the guy on the front cover*, about whom I have been having very impure thoughts.

    *no, not the fuzzy one. I may be shallow, but I’m not *weird*!

  20. So how many hellburners will be dropped on Zarathustra? More than 10? We can only hope.

  21. If I remember correctly, May 10th is your 42nd birthday. Does Fuzzy Nation reveal the meaning of life, the universe, and everything? Give us a reason to buy your book!

  22. Nation – Fuzzy. Release date – Not so much. Can’t wait for May 10 now. Thank you for giving us a present on your birthday.

  23. 27 by John Scalzi:

    Many prominent milSF writers are publicly conservative.

    Or they’re assumed to be, even if they’re publicly not.

    #33 by Scorpius:

    If Bush’s college record is anything like his National Guard record — or pretty much the rest of his life, for that matter — he probably blew off some of his courses but got credit for them anyway.

  24. I’ve read “Old Man’s War” a couple of times and I missed the alleged conservative or libertarian political message. It was just a fun read with some great characters. And I don’t mean that to sound dismissive of the book or Mr. Scalzi’s writing – books that are genuinely just fun to read are few and far between.

    I separate my personal politics from my entertainment choices – one could go insane trying to avoid being entertained by those with whom you disagree. I mean, I disagree more often than not with Alec Baldwin, but as long as he makes with the funny on “30 Rock,” I don’t care what he says on talk shows.

  25. re#41: agreed, in my mind the classic example is Tom Cruise – on talk shows he appears to be a NUT (don’t even get me started on his stated views of psychiatry, scientology and a bunch of other stuff) but I realize tha all of that really isn’t important. Mr. Cruise’s views on reality really don’t matter – he’s an entertainer/artist. I choose to judge his work based solely on the merits of his work. NOW, if he decides to go into politics he may not get my vote – I don’t see how he could represent ME

  26. #12 – The Wikipedia article describes the original version of the book, which was by H. Beam Piper, who was TOTALLY a libertarian, and BOY does it come out in his work

    As indicated by e.g. his total comfort with aristocratic systems.

  27. Ooo, that’s my birthday too. So really you have given me two presents: a book to get for my birthday, and someone else awesome to share my birthday with. Win.

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