If You’re Feeling Charitable Today

I have three things for you to think about giving some money to.

One, Strange Horizons, the fabulous online science fiction magazine that published my very first science fiction story oh-so-many years ago, is in the midst of its annual fund drive.

You’ll remember last year that Whatever folks took them over the top with their fund raising, so if you still value the work they do — and the work they publish — consider sending a few more dollars their way this year as well. Remember also that Strange Horizons is a non-profit organization, and your donations are tax deductible (and if you work for a cool job, may also qualify for matching gifts from your employer). This is, I think, the last week of their fund drive, so get in there.

Two, today I got this note from Epic SF author Peter F. Hamilton:

I agreed to auction off a character name in the next book for Autistica, a UK charity working for autistic kids.


I know you get some UK traffic through your site, so I wondered if you’d consider giving it a mention.

Consider it mentioned! I’ll note that other UK authors are also auctioning off character names, but you know what? A Tuckerization in a Hamilton novel would be especially sweet.

Three, How to Teach Physics to Your Dog author Chad Orzel is doing his annual charity drive for education charity Donors Choose, and this year he’s also planning on selling off naming rights for one of his upcoming books. The twist? Chad explains:

I will name two animals in the book-in-progress after the pets of people who donate to the Challege: one for the largest individual donation, and one to a donor chosen at random.

My new dog Daisy is already so very excited about this. Here are all the details. Chad’s charity drives runs through next Tuesday, so hurry if you want to make your pet famous.

7 Comments on “If You’re Feeling Charitable Today”

  1. John, did you get any extra swag from Strange Horizons’ fundraising drive last year? They offered me a thank-you gift and I asked them to send it to you.

  2. Well, hope people pay as much attention to this as to the stupid editor who’s griggsed herself….

  3. John@2: Okay. Thanks for pointing me toward Strange Horizons. I like having a chance to help them out.

  4. OH that is so cool what Hamilton is doing! My nephew is on the autistic spectrum and is an amazing kid. Anything that would help other autistic kids is a grand thing! I wonder if I can donate even though I’m an American?

    Strange Horizons is cool, too. Especially if they dig into their slushpile and publish something by a certain Chang Terhune. I shall donate if they do or do not!

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