“But Honestly, Monica”: A Song For These Times

It’s kind of awesome:

YouTube Poster

Context (for those three of you who still need it).

The song is by this guy. Well done, Arlojeremy.

Hat tip.


Look What I Got in the Mail Today

It’s my Fuzzy Nation ARCs! And I may — may — have one to offer up to one of you folks. I just have to think of a suitably sadistic fun contest for it. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, let me just say: Soooooo pretty.

Also, the “Marketing Plans” on the back cover tell me that, indeed, Tor is planning a tour for the book, as well as various other promotional thingies which will require me showing up to do my professional book flogging thing. I do not yet know the extent of these plans, so if you ask me in the comments “where are you going to go on the tour?” I’ll just say “I don’t know — ask me in a few months.” Actually I’ll say, “Did you not read the actual entry?” and then cry small, gulping sobs. And no, that’s not a reason to ask me about it, you bad person.

And now I’m off to pet my new ARC. Pet, pet, pet.

Update: For those of you actual legitimate reviewers and booksellers wondering how to get your mitts on one, my publicist at Tor has just tweeted about it here. Note her caveats, however. I don’t want to see any of you whining.


Monday Morning Update


1. Back home again after a weekend away. Where did I go? What did I do? Sorry, that’s classified. But I will say that when that race of superintelligent badgers emerges from its sett outside of Omaha, Nebraska and claims dominion over the whole of the Midwest, you should not be entirely surprised. And I had nothing to do with it. Nothing.

2. That said, it was a lovely weekend with friends, not nearly all of whom were hypercognitive mustelids.

3. All right, fine. You want a hint where I was? Here’s a hint: While I was there, I ate beignets. Which badgers do not like unless dipped in an earthworm reduction.

4. I am told I am not allowed to speak of the badgers anymore.

Anyway. How was your weekend?

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