“But Honestly, Monica”: A Song For These Times

It’s kind of awesome:

Context (for those three of you who still need it).

The song is by this guy. Well done, Arlojeremy.

Hat tip.

14 Comments on ““But Honestly, Monica”: A Song For These Times”

  1. Ok, that was so sweet. I need it on an album of lullabies, it was very relaxing. I actually teared up a bit, honest. :D

  2. Dear Monica… sorry for all the hassle… no, wait, actually I’m sorry I got caught… who woulda thunk it coulda come to this?? Anyway, that’s life on the Net… and, yes, I’m a total asshole… learn to live with it… I have ;-))

    yours, non-sincerely…

    Judith Griggs

  3. Wow, so thats where all those views were coming from!

    Thanks for the positive comments guys. Maybe I should actually finish all those bits of songs I’ve been playing around with over the years. Motivation rising!