Daily Archives: November 9, 2010

Cooks Source Apology

A real one, it seems (real meaning “from Judith Griggs”). It’s up at the Cooks Source site. The good news is that there’s an apology to Monica Gaudio, along with the assertion that indeed a donation has been made to the Columbia School of Journalism, as Ms. Gaudio requested. So that’s good. The rather less […]

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“Fuzzy Nation” in the UK; “Coffee Shop” at Tor.com

Two things: * First, I was asked whether Fuzzy Nation will be out in the UK at the same time as the US. My answer: Dunno. At the moment we’re shopping FN to UK publishers, so it’s really a matter of who wants it and then I suppose whether they want to time its release […]

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“Election” Results

Last week Subterranean Press and I did an experiment, by taking “An Election,” a short story SubPress bought from me, posting it here and running ads in it for SubPress product. When one publicly announces one is running an experiment, it’s fair to then also publicly present the results of the experiment for people to […]

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