“Fuzzy Nation” in the UK; “Coffee Shop” at Tor.com

Two things:

* First, I was asked whether Fuzzy Nation will be out in the UK at the same time as the US. My answer: Dunno. At the moment we’re shopping FN to UK publishers, so it’s really a matter of who wants it and then I suppose whether they want to time its release for the US release. Which is to say it’s not up to me. Of course, if you’re a UK science fiction publisher and you’d like a crack at FN, go ahead and contact my agent, he’ll be happy to talk with you.

* Second, over at Tor.com, Brit Mandelo has started a series of post on writers who have written books on writing, and has started that series with me, and my 2007 book You’re Not Fooling Anyone When You Take Your Laptop to a Coffee Shop. Fortunately for me, her review is generally favorable. You can read the whole thing here.

There is a small irony in that in discussing the book, she points readers to the SubPress catalogue page for the book, which tells folks it’s entirely sold out. And it is sold out — in print. However, over at Webscriptions, there is an electronic version available for the entirely reasonable price of $6. Go, electronic media!

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  1. Coffee Shop was the first electronic book I ever bought for my nook. I had loaded a few freebies onto it before that, but this was the first one I paid cash money for. I never regretted it either, unlike some purchases I’ve made since then. (Other authors’ books – I wouldn’t diss John in his own house. Well, not his writing.)

  2. OK, I admit it. I need to get into that electrical media thingy.
    Good of her to make it available, your just giving me another excuse to get an iphone, or ipad or whatever it is.
    Are you secretly working for technology marketing divisions? Is this a new government threat we should be looking out for, subversion through more easily available intelligence inspiring gadgetry? Or is this how your secretly plotting to overthrow and reign supreme being by making everyone around you smarter?
    (sorry, to much BBC lately)

  3. Well, glad I got in earlier then. I picked it up, already started reading it. =)

    So – in the first few pages you mention you might do a sequel in 2010. Is that still a possibility at some point? I’d buy it. ;)

  4. Yikes. The coffee shop book is going for between $60 and $500 on Amazon. $500! Hope you’ve got a couple stashed away John. Me? I think I’ll lay down 6 bucks for the E version this time.

    Note to self: get in early for Subterranean editions.

  5. @6: The guy who built and was running the site recently had a serious medical issue, so the day-to-day maintenance shifted to another company – and they are still learning their way around the system.

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