Adventures in High Contrast Black and White

Photoshop is interesting.

10 Comments on “Adventures in High Contrast Black and White”

  1. Hm, it looked at first like watching Encounters, then Cujo, followed by (the original) Children of the Corn followed by a new Avatar movie. Cool.

  2. How did the subject of pic #1 like detention? I have yet to experience the joy of my child going there. It’s where I spent most of 8th grade for major league slacking.

  3. Oh, Photoshop, yes. I thought maybe you used Kodalith, like a real … never mind.

    Jack Tingle


  4. In that last photograph Krissy (at least I’m assuming it is Krissy….) looks like she might soon shoot lasers from her eyes …

  5. I hadn’t realised how much Athena looked like Krissy until I saw the top picture, I always thought she was your mini-me!

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