A Girl and Her Dog

Thankfully not a sequel to any Harlan Ellison short story you might care to name.

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  1. They’re all terrific pictures, but the last one is the best one! Smiling Athena, smiling puppy!

  2. Oh, beautiful photos. The dog ought to accompany the girl next time the girl has to do detention.

    And no offense, since you probably know the guy, but I hate that and most other stories by Mr. Harlan Ellison. (He can’t reduce me to a smoking cinder using only the power of his mind, can he?)

  3. I do in fact know him in an “Internet Pen Pal” sort of way. It’s okay if you don’t like his stories. Not everyone likes everything.

    That said, this should probably not turn into a thread about Harlan Ellison.

  4. Aww, and here I was hoping for a sequel to his “City on the Edge of Forever.” Oh well.

  5. Ha, I love that big old doggie grin in the last one. She looks like she’s thinking, “The camera loves me, dahling, It loves me. I am mahvelous.”

  6. Have you been saving those photos, or was the weather really that nice today? ‘Cause if they tried some of those poses here both those ladies would need to have the mud hosed off of them

  7. I still favor the Harlan Ellison homage!

    I should note that there’s a whole “gender bend” literature that would be apropos. Some may recall Leigh Douglass Brackett (particularly noted as writer of the Really Really Really Good Star Wars Sequel). Well, she did a whole series of “swords and space” series involving a character called Eric John Stark.

    There are homages out there about the Amazon Swordmistress, Erica Stark.

    You can go there in an Ellison homage. I have faith in you!

  8. I wish my dad had a digital camera available back in the day.

    Also, in the third photo? That is one seriously demented dog.

  9. My apologies; I couldn’t initially find the Brackett homages. See… I’m not entirely certain (haven’t gone thru a whole story of Lee’s); I don’t know that it’s particularly creepy.

    Mind you, it’s unlikely to be creepier than an homage to A Dog And His Boy ought to be…

  10. Could also be one of those “reimaginings” Hollywood is so fond of these days. The latest one I’ve heard of is redoing Buffy the Vampire Slayer. *sigh*

  11. I train dogs.. but unfortunately I take horrible pictures of them. Great pics!

    Cheers and may the “paws” be with you

    [alignment: chaotic neutral]

  12. How do you protect the camera from that much cute? I needed an “up” minute, and you’ve delivered. Thank you.

  13. It’s crazy that it’s been warm enough this week for those pictures to happen! I strolled around outside yesterday (SE Ohio rather than WE) in short sleeves and the sun!

  14. I had read “A Boy and His Dog” several years ago and enjoyed it. I recently found it on Netflix staring a young young Det. Crockett made back in 1975 (which is made painfully obvious after a few seconds of watching). It was difficult to watch and I had to force myself to finish it.

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