My Annual “I’m Awake For a Sunrise” Picture

Here you go.

You can thank the dryer repairman for this, since I had to be awake, out of bed and dressed when he arrived, which was five minutes ago. Otherwise, man, I would so very be asleep right now.

31 Comments on “My Annual “I’m Awake For a Sunrise” Picture”

  1. Two separate and contradictory thoughts: (1) If we’d been meant to see the sunrise, we wouldn’t have eyelids. (2) Writers, man.

  2. Beautiful. I’m looking at clouds outside my window and contemplating the fact that there is no school, so my beautiful wife and wonderful sons can sleep in while I get to go to work.

    Nice sunrise, though.

  3. I’m sorry you had to be awake but that’s a beautiful picture :)
    Did the repairman fix your issue, or is like the plummer my old work used to use where he had to come back 3-5 times to fix the same problem??

  4. How sad is it that this makes me ponder setting set up my camera and tripod with an automatic timer so it will take sunrise photos while I’m sleeping under the warm covers?

  5. I now have two “awake for a sunrise” days: Thanksgiving and Christmas, when I trek home on the NJ Turnpike before dawn because I don’t want to deal with traffic. Sunrise usually occurs for me over Bayonne.

  6. At this time of year, I’m out the door before the sun rises, and I get home long after it sets. I’ve seen some beautiful sunrises over the years, but I’d still rather be in bed.

  7. Man, your repairmen come EARLY! Poor you, but hooray for us… lovely picture! :)
    Also, I recommend a nap! ;)

  8. Thank you, dryer repairman!

    I couldn’t resist

    and someone had to do it.

    But it’s a very nice photo.

  9. I get up at 5 AM every work day. It is nice getting up early. I find it easier to get stuff done if I start really early. Plus I am done for the day sooner. Alot of writers seem to be night owls.

  10. @#13 – Truer words… I’m still up, but that’s my normal routine. I write at night, when the house is quiet and even the cats leave me alone. I go to bed for a few hours after seeing to the rest of the household, in the morning. I quite like listening to some NPR and getting everyone breakfast while the kitchen brightens. It’s a nice way to reconnect after 8 or 10 hours with the computer.

  11. Sunrise…ugh. I know we need that yellow ball for light and heat but man, does it have to rise so damn early?

  12. Heinlein doesn’t like small minded petty people. At least, that is what I always got.

    BTW, If my sunrise looked like yours, I might be up for it also. As it is, my kids let me sleep when the sun comes up. They have deigned it my “nap” time. I love my kids.

  13. I see the sun rise every day, at least this time of year. Of course, being in Edmonton it doesn’t rise until 8am — and on the 21st it won’t rise until almost 9. And it sets around 4:30-5:00pm.

    Makes me wish my office had windows…

    (Full-spectrum lamps are a beautiful thing. I’m surprised they aren’t more common around here.)

  14. I assume that the pets stayed snuggled in bed. (Probably muttering comments about- ‘now that he’s gone, I get the pillow)This morning, my large dog waited to jump down from her couch-bed until i had showered, dressed, and fed cats. The small very old dog waited until the large dog had come back in the house. She got up, grabbed her cookie, and immediately went back to bed.

  15. I stole the pic for my desktop also. I was getting tired of the colliding galaxy pic from the Hubble anyway. Mostly clear and cold in the midwest makes for good pictures.

    Pixelfish @ 26 How are you doing with the snow and ice here in the greater Seattle area? I was thinking you live on one of the hills that gets nasty in times like these.
    It hasn’t been too bad in the north county area but then again I grew up in the high plains. (Quite a lot like where you grew up.)

  16. Huh, that’s weird. The sun is clearly on the wrong side of the sky in that picture. How did that happen?

    Chris S.: Heinlein would have tried to fix it himself. His solution would have involved pulleys, an electrical workshop, and three hours of prep-work with an arc welder. In the meantime Ginny would have fixed it with a hairpin.

  17. And then there is broadcast transmitter repair. A quick whiff of air as the door is opened tells a tale of relentless permanent press cycles plus a lint filter in need of cleaning.
    This must be done as revenue sleeps because when tread meets road all broadcasts are for keeps.

  18. Y’a know, it’s kinda cheating to take a sunrise photo in the winter. After all, sunrise is so late then. A late June sunrise photo would gain you more karma credits! – An early riser.

  19. Nice photo. If you could time-travel, you could go back to the late 1980’s and get a job photographing Windham Hill album covers.


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