Reminder About the Signed Books for the Holidays Thing

Hey! Remember that I’m signing books for your holiday gift-giving needs. Details here.

I figure I’d remind you before you all went crazy with the Black Friday retail madness, and also because I’m probably going in this weekend to sign the first batch of books. Anyway, books make a perfect holiday gift, and when you buy these signed books you’re also supporting my local book store, and that’s good for your karma. It really is, trust me.

6 Comments on “Reminder About the Signed Books for the Holidays Thing”

  1. Luckily, I won’t be buying anything on Blackfriday, so it gives me more the chance to save up for a signed book from you. Hah, funny if you share my warped sense of humor. Trouble is finding a book you have written that I can get signed from you that my hubby hasn’t already bought. Hmm….gotta think…

  2. What’s the deal that they don’t have a Scalzi page where we can just click, click, click the titles we want, inscription details for each, and such? They need to get with it.

  3. Already ordered one! (My real name is Lindsay BTW), I think this is great and I’m sooooooo excited to get it – unfortunatley i won’t get it until January anyway, because it’s being sent to someone my friend is visiting over christma,s and she’s going to bring it back to the UK for me. I’m willing to wait!

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