We Pause This Blog For a Moment of Unmanly Squee

So, Audible just sent me copies of the audio versions of Agent to the Stars and The Android’s Dream, read by Wil Wheaton, which will be out on December 9. And naturally I had to stop everything I was doing and listen to Wil read the first chapter of The Android’s Dream. And here’s what I think:

ZOMFG you guys it is so totally excellent.

No. Seriously. No. I’m so not just saying that.

You have to imagine my hands waving excitedly here. Like fluttery birds.

All right. Manning up again.

In all seriousness, however: If you’re an audiobook fan, you have something to look forward to in two weeks.

And now I’m off to listen to a little of Agent to the Stars as well.

Please feel free to return to your normal programming.

17 Comments on “We Pause This Blog For a Moment of Unmanly Squee”

  1. Audible.com doesn’t seem to have any mechanism to pre-order this?! Oh well. I trust that come December 9th, you will remind us of its availability. :)

  2. Wil Wheaton? THE Wil Wheaton??!! Cripes….this is a case of WWSD (what would Sheldon do??!!!) Talk about “…caught between a rock and a crazy place…”

    Oh, love the cover on Agent to the Stars…it has that feel of My Favorite Martin meets the Jetsons meets Playboy’s Bartenders Guide ca 1950. Obviously a title every “Cocktail Dad” should own…

  3. Oh cool. I didn’t realize these were out so soon. Wil was tweeting about doing the recordings just a few weeks ago, so I thought they’d be out sometime next year.

  4. I know what I’m listening to while traveling for Christmas! Can’t wait. This is awesome. Usually Audible offers through iTunes. I hope this is the case because I want it for my iPod to play in the car.

  5. Woot! Looking forward to it. :)

    Out of curiosity, will these be available anywhere other than audible.com? I’m not a big fan of Audible’s subscription model — I just don’t buy enough audio books to make an ongoing subscription worthwhile.

    Of course, I’ll sign up for a month or two just to nab these if that’s my only option. ;)

  6. Man. Thankfully the credit I used on METAtropolis: Cascadia will be replaced by December 9. Wil was great on Boneshaker, I’m sure he’ll be great on M:C, and man, another one. Hooray for falling asleep to Wil’s voice! (Wait… that came out, all, ALL wrong…)

  7. It has been one of the unalloyed joys of my professional life, from time to time, to hear Wil read something funny that I helped write. Because it’s ALWAYS funnier when he reads it than it sounded in my head.

    Hey, 19-year-and-11-month-old Andrew, life’s pretty good in two decades.

  8. #6 blainesgirl: I think that’d probably hurt, but if that’s what you’re into…


  9. I’m going to make an effort to get over my fear of Wil Wheaton JUST for this. Because if it’s cool enough for fluttery bird hands? – I have to hear it.

  10. Okay, so I have a question.

    I am an enormous fan of Scalzi and Scalzi Writing. I am, likewise, an enormous fan of The Wheaton, and I purchase, watch, listen to, and/or consume everything you gentlemen put out there. (Sometimes slowly, because I have a very limited budget.)

    That said, I want to know if there’s going to be any way to purchase the incredibly awesome Android’s Dream thing without going through iTunes or Audible. I want to buy it, but iTunes has never worked for me (I think mainly because I have a non-Apple mp3 player (I have an elderly iRiver)) and Audible… well… I’d really rather not.

    Of course, if that’s my only option, that’s my only option. I thought I’d ask.

  11. I’m not even an audiobook fan, but for some reason I cannot resist the irresistible sound of Wil’s voice reading stuff he loves. I CANNOT WAIT to buy these books!!! :)

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