Another Chance at a Fuzzy Nation ARC

Hey folks: Wanted a chance at that Fuzzy Nation ARC I offered up but forgot to enter in time? Or have a suspicion that your explanation as to why you deserve that ARC will not make the final round of consideration? Well, you’re in luck: is also giving away some Fuzzy Nation ARCs, and they’re not even going to make you jump through all the hoops I did. Here are all the details. Go, enter, and good luck.

7 Comments on “Another Chance at a Fuzzy Nation ARC”

  1. cause you love me and you REALLY want me to have a copy??
    yeah didn’t think so … ah well at least I tried.

  2. Since my Whatever entry is not anywhere near the funniest or best written, I hope I have better luck in their random, non-merit based lottery.

  3. Que Sera Sera (in Doris Day’s voice). If it is not won by your hand, it will be just as spectacular having to save up for it to get it. It may take a while,,,a long while,,, but I shall endeavor to stay positive!

  4. I wasn’t able to come up with anything amusing for the contest; unfortunately everything I wrote came out either depressing, or even worse, maudlin. I would like to get an ARC of the book so I could have a review ready on the release date. I’ve had publishers send me ARC books for review since I write for a site other than my personal weblog, a site that actually gets quite a bit of traffic and is well regarded in political circles, but they’ve been books about history both recent and older (e.g. the Iraq War and mistakes made by Presidents going back to George Washington).

    Hopefully, I’ll win the random drawing at Tor!! I plan to buy the book anyway, but I always like getting it early.

  5. Ummm, who won the first contest? Did I miss the announcement? Or is it a Witness Protection secret?

  6. Umm, O.K. I read down the list of entries some more…. And yes, I am an idiot. My mother is so proud…

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