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Election Thoughts, 2010

Because I busied myself with revamping the site last night, I went to sleep blissfully unaware of the election results, and then woke up, refreshed, to deal with what went down. Here are some early thoughts. * It’s not Blue America or Red America, it’s Orange America! Yes, my representative, John Boehner, America’s Tallest Oompa-Loompa, […]

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Vote Cat Says Vote

See that look Ghlaghghee has there? It’s the look she gave me when I told her that there are some people who can vote who don’t vote. It is, in point of fact, the same look she gives insects and small varmints shortly before what I like to call “The Disembowelination.” Don’t anger Vote Cat, […]

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An Election: A Short Story Presented by Subterranean Press

Subterranean Press is proud to present an election-oriented short story by John Scalzi here on Whatever. For the full details on why Subterranean Press is presenting the story on the author’s own blog, click here. Otherwise, enjoy the story! (Note to RSS readers: click through for the story — it reads better on the site.) […]

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