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Why, Yes, We DID Totally Call That on SG:U

People keep sending me links to it as if I hadn’t heard about it already, so: Yes, in fact, I did hear about Sir Roger Penrose’s theory of “echoes” in the cosmic background radiation possibly being evidence of a universe that existed before our “Big Bang”; Yes, in fact, that theory of Penrose’s has some […]

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Translation Awards Fund Raiser

I promised Cheryl Morgan that I would write something about the newly-created The Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards, which are for works of speculative fiction translated into English, and the fund raiser designed to promote them. But then, I thought, hey, why should I write something when I can just repost everything she’s written […]

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December Notes

I’m delighted to say that, at least where I live, snow waited until December to show up on the doorstep. Mind you, it apparently did not wait one second longer than it had to, but still. In my opinion, November is meant to be a snow-free month. December, fine, let it snow. They even have […]

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Sci-Fi: The New Western?

A reader of my FilmCritic.com column was inspired by the Cowboys and Aliens trailer to think about the genre of Westerns and the genre of Science Fiction, and how the latter has in many ways replaced the former. Does this mean that science fiction films will one day be as scarce as westerns are now? […]

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