Big Idea Update + Notice to Authors Re: Upcoming Promo Thread

Question from e-mail:

What’s happened with the Big Idea pieces? I miss them.

Sorry, this is all down to me. I had them on a break in November, simply for time and travel reasons, and then they just sort of got away from me for this month as well, because I’m burrowing into other work.

So, two things:

1. No new Big Idea pieces until January. Sorry about that. To the authors who had asked for Big idea pieces in November/December, my apologies for letting that slip by me. It happens sometimes, but I should have been more responsive about it. That’s my mistake. Sorry again.

Authors who have books coming out in January/February may send me Big Idea queries, and I’ll get that schedule built up over the rest of the month. Here’s how to send queries. If you’ve already sent Jan/Feb queries, you don’t need to resend; I have them.

2. To in some way ameliorate for my sins, tomorrow at ten am I will post an Author Awareness Thread, in which authors (and authors only, please) may post about their books, in order to delight and inform Whatever readers, who will then no doubt run out to their nearest book store this very weekend to purchase said delights. Perfect for making readers aware of your books this holiday shopping season! And I’ll peg a link to the thread in the sidebar through the rest of December. That should help.

So authors, come ’round about Ten AM tomorrow (Eastern time). I’ll set you up right.

8 Comments on “Big Idea Update + Notice to Authors Re: Upcoming Promo Thread”

  1. Note: Authors (and anyone else) please do not use this comment thread to pimp your wares. But if you have questions, feel free to leave ’em here.

  2. Weren’t you going to set up an actual separate website for the Big Idea at some point? Or am I making that up?

  3. Wonderer:

    The same criteria as Big Idea submissions. Click that query link to find out what they are.

    A Different Jess:

    Yes. We’ll still get around to it one day.

  4. Aw…your such a nice guy…sweet really… hahahahahahaa

    I hope you don’t get to hassled. Have fun!

  5. John, Big Idea slots are giving out around the time the book is first published. Does this apply here, or can someone post about a book that came out much earlier this year?

    I was also going to ask if editors may post about anthologies, but the rule about the book being available “through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Powell’s” knocks me out. But others may want to know this.

  6. Posting a Big Idea piece takes a lot of dedication and work on your part, John. I really appreciate it — on my own behalf, because you posted a piece I wrote in June, and as a regular reader of Whatever, who loves to get a glimpse behind other authors’ work. Thanks again.