Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

The Incredible Scalzi Weight Loss Plan

I’ve made mention now and again that I’ve been trying to lose weight, inspired as I have been to do so by seeing pictures and videos of me at the Phoenix ComicCon looking rather a bit more pear-shaped than I would like. Folks have been asking me how that’s been coming along. So here’s an […]

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Hey, Wanna Know Who Won That Fuzzy Nation ARC I Was Giving Away?

Sure you do. It was Kathryne, because the prospect of being the instrument of family nerd one-up-man-ship this holiday season is just too tempting to pass up. And don’t worry, Kathryne, your inscription will totally be about how much fun it is to hang out with you and all that. Hope your brothers’ jaws drop […]

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Your Holiday Book Suggestion List (From Authors)

Hey, folks! Looking for the perfect book for people you like/love or in some way obligated to? This will be the place to get suggestions. I’m inviting book authors to post in the comment thread here to tell you about their works, which you can then go and purchase at your favorite bookstore. It’s just […]

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