A Girl and Her Dog, Grown Up Division

Personally, I think this looks like it could be an author photo.

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  1. I presume you took the picture. Therefore it is an author photo, but not a photo of the author. :)

  2. That’s Athena?!? a. Definitely an author. b. You will need to fend off the SOs with sticks shortly.

  3. Author photo? I don’t know. She looks awfully happy, and not the spackled-on smile happy of inspirational and self-help authors’ photos. But I think they’d have a career as spokesmodels for pet food.

    Have you ever considered being a talent agent?

  4. Definitely, Maybe you could sell it to whatever shadowy photographic agency got that photo “China Mieville” uses on his book jackets!

  5. #8 by Mike:

    I bet she could write a book about YOU, sir,

    A book about John by Krissy? I would so very much buy that.

    [insert evil delighted laugh here]

  6. @13 (Bearpaw) and @8 (Mike):

    Would that book be a gender reversed homage to Guns ‘N Roses’ “Used To Love Her’?

    That would be a very interesting read indeed.

  7. Aw, #10 beat me to it.
    I’d totally buy a book by Daisy.
    Or Krissy, but totally Daisy.

    I love those stories told from the dog’s perspective where they save the oblivious human from something dire. :/

  8. Linkmeister@19: I’ve known a lot of professional word wranglers (teachers, mostly) and none of them cared a bean about anyone else’s writing in online discussions. As one explained, she corrects people’s writing all day long. She just wants to leave it behind when she comes home.

  9. Dave, I’m sure you’re right, but I get embarrassed often enough without doing it to myself. I pride myself on my spelling and language usage. It pains me when I screw it up. (See the adage: “I’m my own worst critic.”)

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