Hey, Wanna Know Who Won That Fuzzy Nation ARC I Was Giving Away?

Sure you do. It was Kathryne, because the prospect of being the instrument of family nerd one-up-man-ship this holiday season is just too tempting to pass up. And don’t worry, Kathryne, your inscription will totally be about how much fun it is to hang out with you and all that. Hope your brothers’ jaws drop in complete jealousy, and that you get to sit by dad.

I’ll be dropping Kathryne an e-mail to notify her (presuming she doesn’t see this first). Everyone else, thanks for entering — it was a lot of fun to read the entries.

20 Comments on “Hey, Wanna Know Who Won That Fuzzy Nation ARC I Was Giving Away?”

  1. From Katheryne’s entry:

    Okay, I totally admit that this is a pathetic reason.

    True. But it’s an \awesome pathetic reason.


  2. Congrats, Katheryne! A very well done and funny entry. Now, be sure to rub it in their faces. Er, your win, that is; not the ARC. Don’t let them touch the ARC, they might drool all over it.

    Enjoy reading it as you think of us poor souls out here patiently wating to buy the book!

  3. We will be wanting those pictures of envy and stunned incredulity, Katheryne. Perhaps framed by a nice Yorkshire pudding.


  4. Benjamin @ 8:

    I made the mistake of copying and pasting her name from John’s announcement. It’s my own fault for not going to the source … especially since I got a quote from there. [smack -> self.forehead] Sorry, Kathryne.

  5. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me! Christmas is going to be so fun in a totally evil sort of way!

  6. Excellent choice! There were some good ones entries. But her’s has that wonderful touch of Schadenfreude that really puts in on top.
    Congrats Kathryne.

  7. As Kathryne’s next to oldest brother, and the one who’s cooking the roast beef and yorkshire pudding (and I think I speak for the whole family here)I must say ‘well done’ and get done reading it before Chrismas so I can get my claws
    on it!
    Oh, and she’s totally exaggerating about the dissmisal stuff. She’s the baby girl of the family and has ALWAYS had Dad wrapped around her little finger. Me? Jealous? Never…

  8. Congratulations, Kathryne! Getting the upper hand against family is ALWAYS a worthy cause. *grin*

  9. This is awesome Sis. If you weren’t going home for Christmas, you could sit by me! and I’d make those boys buy their own copy. We want to encourage them to support our favorite author afterall.

  10. Kathryne, congrats. You played Scalzi like a fiddle. A houseful of sci-fi readers geeking out for the holy grail of holiday reads?! Very clever, obviously put a lot of thought into it. It’s a fine story, just not yours. That said, enjoy the ARC.

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