A Girl and Her Dog, Continued

Daughter and pup, sharing one of the many dog beds currently in the house. Because the dog bed is just that big. Seriously, I suspect it has more square footage than my dorm bed in college. Also, this dog is very spoiled by my wife.

Note for clarity’s sake and to ward off any visits from Child Protective Services that the child is not required to sleep on a dog bed; she did this of her own free will. She also has her own bed, on which the dog is not allowed. I suspect the dog is aware of the injustice of that situation, which is why she lays in the daughter’s bed whenever she thinks I am not paying attention.

How I’m Making Fans of Fantasy Insanely Jealous Today

Here’s how:

Yes, that’s right, I have an ARC of Pat Rothfuss’ upcoming novel The Wise Man’s Fear. Don’t ask what I had to do to get it. Just know that if the police ask where I was that night, I was with you. Baking pies. Remember the pie part, it’s what makes the alibi.

I won’t speak any more about the novel at this point (I have to read it first, which I can now do, bwa ha ha ha hah ha), but I will say this: Damn, it’s a thick book. We’re talking “stun a hippo” thick. Always scribble, scribble, scribble, eh, Mr. Rothfuss?

Fortunately for the rest of you, you won’t have to wait too long for this — it comes out in March. But in the meantime: Look! It’s real. Better re-read The Name of the Wind to prepare.