A Girl and Her Dog, Continued

Daughter and pup, sharing one of the many dog beds currently in the house. Because the dog bed is just that big. Seriously, I suspect it has more square footage than my dorm bed in college. Also, this dog is very spoiled by my wife.

Note for clarity’s sake and to ward off any visits from Child Protective Services that the child is not required to sleep on a dog bed; she did this of her own free will. She also has her own bed, on which the dog is not allowed. I suspect the dog is aware of the injustice of that situation, which is why she lays in the daughter’s bed whenever she thinks I am not paying attention.

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  1. Awww, the use of beds as a friendly little territory grabbing. Bravo, Daisy and Athena, bravo.

  2. Aw!! My face just went all mushy. I get like that when the Monsters are snuggled up with one critter or the other.

    My dog is very spoilt, he sleeps in my bed. I can’t sleep without him.

  3. looks like this dog bed is about 8 electrical socket covers x 12 electrical socket covers. It appears quite robust.

  4. When I had a twin bed, my brother’s Dalmatian tried to “share” it with me–the minute I so much as twitched, off he jumped. By the time I had a full-sized bed, my brother had a queen (he’s 6’5″), so the dog slept with him. I solved the twin-bed problem by folding up a king sized comforter (which I used as a bedspread in the dorms) into quarters, and placing it on the floor under my windowsill at home when class wasn’t in session. I’m not sure my brother ever figured out why the dog only slept with him when I was at school.


  5. I’m looking at the pup being pushed off the side of the bed and thinking it should go and sleep on Athena’s bed. Revenge of the puppy! Also wondering whether you should get a bigger dog bed. Or a smaller dog.

  6. Could it be that your dog *lies* on your daughter’s bed whenever…

    Brought to you as a public service by Pedants ‘r’ Us

  7. Found your blog by accident but loved this post. Could be my house! Equally relevant was your weight loss journey ~ we started and ended at exactly the same numbers, also fighting the pear shape!!!! :-0 I’ve been trying to go gluten free (for health) but it’s really helped me lose weight while eating cheese n chips, who knew?
    Happy holidaze!

  8. @Bruce A.

    “Awww, that’s sweet, Scalzi. You went to MacDonald’s and killed Grimace, then brought the hide home for Athena. What a great dad.”

    Could the murder of Grimace be the deed that Scalzi had to carry out in exchange for that ARC of The Wise Man’s Fear?

  9. What struck my eye first was how strong and fearlessly purple that blanket is.

    Also, you said ‘lay’ for ‘lie’

  10. Internal dog conversation: “people sleep with me on MY bed; people say I can’t sleep in their bed; people are selfish, unfair and stupid; therefore, I am morally and logically obliged to sleep in their bed”….. or: I’ve read your book… I’m obviously smarter than you”.

    you know the saying “let a sleeping dog lie (lay?)”… no doubt, written by a dog!

  11. I have a similar furry blanket on my bed. It’s a constant battle with the cats for possession.

  12. Oh, they look so comfy. You know, the colors in that photo are as cool, in their way, as those in the sunset you Photoshopped to hell in a later post. You have your blond, brunette, beige, ecru, tawny sandy warm shades, and then you have your PURPLE. It is lovely.

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