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A Little (Free) Light Reading For the Season

My pal Karen Healey (who was just nominated for the Morris Award — an award given to debut YA authors — congrats, Karen!) wanted me to let you know about a new project she and some other writers have put together this month, called the December Lights Project. In Karen’s words: Feel-good, PG-ish rated short […]

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Patrick Rothfuss’ Worldbuilders Drive, 2010

Since I taunted all y’all with pictures of Pat Rothfuss’ upcoming book (and ARC of which, apparently, I received before he did, which is just plain wrong, if you ask me, not that I’m giving up my copy), I think it’s incumbent upon me to also make note of Pat’s Worldbuilders fundraiser, to support Heifers […]

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Me in the Google eBookstore, Plus Indie Stores and Google eBooks

Apparently Google opened its electronic bookstore, and because I know I’ll be asked about it, yes, I have books available in it, which you may find here. It’s not all of them yet, but I don’t imagine the rest of the Tor published books, at least, will be very far behind these (they may be […]

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Monday Morning Announcements

Quick things to remind you about: * The Holiday Book Suggestion List is up to over 180 authors telling you about their books, which would be perfect for you to purchase during the holidays, for someone else, or even for you. If you’re looking for books, this is a great place for you to start. […]

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